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    im 25 years old, i design custom homes for a living. I also have an Offroad and Performance shop so i can have an excuse to play and make some extra money ;)

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  1. They are stock 317 heads. theres not suppose to be anything special about them. they would be a good set of heads for certain builds
  2. ok yes 87. you wont see a difference at all from an 87 to 90 mm
  3. ill try to post pics. 40k miles on it. great condition
  4. LQ9 cam 100k miles on it. research proven that its a good cam for a 5.3 and makes quite a bit more power. $150 shipped
  5. Have a 90 mm trailblazer 4 bolt throttle body for sale. $120 shipped
  6. good condition 317 heads for sale. comes complete stock valves and springs. no cracks. pulled off to switch to 243 heads. $250 plus shipping
  7. 42lb dephi injectors for sale. came with radix mp112 blower kit. these injectors worked perfect just needed bigger ones. 5k miles on them multec ll 99-06 non flex fuel truck connector $150 shipped
  8. ok guys i have the stock 10 bolt 8.5 in the rear of my awd SSS. i put the yukon duragrip locker in and sprayed the truck at the track and broke the spider gears in it. does any one recommend a stronger locker and what would it be? im estimating 650+ AWHP
  9. Ok so I found out I have a pre 04 lq9 out of my 04 SSS. Found out one of my rods is out of round with my new arp bolts. I need one rod. What other motors would have the exact same rod that's in mine???
  10. If ur running anything under a 42lb injector I wouldn't get into the boost untill u get larger ones. U could run out of fuel and run Lean= disaster
  11. Ok good. I'm was just cared that this would happen again. As long as I get it tuned with the wideband I should be fine. Thanks! Another thing. Replacing my pistons with the mahle flat tops, is this going to require me to get my engine Balance? I'm doing all this with the engine still in the truck and would really love to not have to take it out
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