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  1. I bought a lanyard last group buy, love it, but its wearing out pretty bad. Id be down for a few new ones.
  2. I also have aftermarket headlights/bumper lights and put the silicone around the edge. What I also did was put a thicker rubber ring where the lights go in. I haven't had any issues condensation.
  3. I have a viper alarm/remote in mine, when I tried to program my garage door opener to the buttons in the truck, the viper remote wouldn't work for some reason. Without starting it, click the key on and back off 5 times in a row. Not sure why, but it got it working for me again..
  4. I'm going to ship mine as soon as I get home. I'm drilling in northern Alberta and will be back on the 21st. All the pictures I've seen of his work look great, I'm just trying to figure out what colour to go with. Has anyone done the white LEDs with blue needles that maybe could post a pic?
  5. If it's not an SS, post your pics on some othe calendars page... If it's not an SS, post your pics on some othe calendars page... Sorry double clicked, I'll post mine in a few days.
  6. I'll post a pic up tomorrow, try to get a nice pic in the daylight. It's been raining here for the last week.
  7. Just got mine today! Already on the truck, and I love it!
  8. Those look great! Can't wait to put it on! I'll also take a silver decal.
  9. Dam work.! I missed the chance to bid..
  10. I'm sure many people would be happy with a good quality copy, I know I would! This needs to happen.
  11. I put the Bak Roll X on mine. Very easy to roll open and close, made of aluminum, with locking side rails and still a very low profile. Might not be for everyone, but works great for my needs.
  12. Looked at getting that alternator, they wanted over $750 shipped to canada..
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