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  1. Bed still available? Rear bumper?
  2. So I have a rusty truck. I'm hoping to luck out and find a black truck bed. Most of my money will be going into fixing the rockers. Trying to extend the life of the ol SS. I've messaged a couple sites looking for one but so far no response. Just thought I would see if anyone has one or knows a good place to look. Any help is appreciated. Hate to see thing falling apart.
  3. I need 1 chrome 20" wheel for my spare. Doesn't have to be perfect but decent. Let me know what you have.....
  4. Don't real know what the going price is for a painted bumper cover. You interested in the cover air ducts and valance?
  5. Also put some brake pads up. 07 tahoe and the wagner pads are for an HD I think.
  6. Some pictures in the gallery
  7. I'm working on getting some pictures up but I think they are Depo 335-55041-000
  8. So I'm in the process of selling my truck. I have a painted black bumper cover with air ducts and lower valance. Also have a set of efans new in the box for sale. Can't remember what I paid for them so shoot me some info on value and offers. I really don't want to fool with shipping a bumper so someone local would be great. I'll try and get some pictures up soon. It may take awhile because the bumper is still wrapped up. May have some other pieces too. Drivers side window switches, ac digital controls, used ac compressor and whatever else I can find. Just let me know if interested.
  9. I saw one on the Knoxville Craigslist. I didn't really check it out just saw it looking for something else. Might be worth checking out.
  10. I checked on one also that I found online. Sounds like it's maybe the same truck. I bought an 04 that looked similar and I didn't mind the rust underneath...thats an easy fix but I didn't pay enough attention to the bed and the damn thing rusted out above the wheels. Nothing pisses me off more than having to spend money on that type of bodywork. So I thought if I go and look at it I would really go over the body good. I thought the price was a little high for the mileage and they of course didn't come down much over the phone so it's a hell of a drive for me to go all the way there and it not work out...but damn I'd love to have an ISS
  11. Great truck for the kid. He will love it!! It will mean much more to him being his grandfather's truck.
  12. Where are you located in KY?
  13. I didn't hear back from the guy with the 03. Either he changed his mind or the cost for the extra parts was too much. Not sure. I'll try and give magnacharger a call myself and see what I can find out.
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