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  1. Trucks got a D-1, gt2 cam, everything on top of the motor is ported and polished, dynatech long tubes, custom 3 inch true dual exhaust (no cats), e fan swap, level 7 flt trans, 4000rpm yank pts converter, Baer big brake 14" kit, built front/rear diffs, adjustable sway bars, etc. etc.
  2. It was my Silvy SS. Event was open to any make and model but only dodge vehicles could race for the hellcat drive train grand prize. I got 2 passes in and destroyed an srt challenger and a blown Roush mustang.
  3. Hey Stewart, I was gonna keep an eye out for you over there glad to know you'll be out again. And bob we park way up in Pontiac if you make it that far up keep an eye out at the Woodward loop split we'll be right there.
  4. Just a bump and reminder if anyone decides they would like to park in Pontiac with my group this is the last weekend to grab a spot.
  5. Sounds good, just remember if you want a spot it's $35 for the weekend and you have to be paid by August 3rd.
  6. It's a blast usually Friday night is the crazy night lots of burnout craziness and a little street light racing. Saturday is probably the best rolling car show ever and then that night my wife and I who live about 10-15 minutes from the spot have people over to hang out around a bonfire. Well worth the trip for anyone interested.
  7. It's dream cruise time again. The biggest car cruise weekend in the world is upon us and this year my car club (SilvySS/TBSS of MI) and I have reserved the best spot in Pontiac, Michigan for Friday thru Sunday. This is the northern most part of the Woodward cruise. My car club and I have a spot that holds around 100 cars on a large grass lawn in the middle of north and south bound traffic lanes. Looking to see if there is any interest from the SilvySS crowd to park with us for the weekend. Here is the info: $35 per car for the entire weekend.(Friday morning-Sunday night) Private event security and bathrooms for our group. Located at, 51655 Woodward Ave, Pontiac, MI 48342 Payment for spot must be made by August 3rd. Via PayPal to [email protected] as a gift in the friends and family section of money transfer. Please leave a note saying who you are and that you are from the SilvySS site so I can post a paid list of people on here. Also for any out of towners I can provide a list of reputable hotels in the area for the weekend. Hope to see some people this year. Thanks, Josh
  8. Cool there's a decent Silvy SS/TBSS group that runs around Woodward in the summer should check us out next spring good group of guys.
  9. ^That's what I was talking about^ No proof the pans even exist. I could throw up a photo of a BSER pan from somewhere and say I have one for sale. I want to see a time stamped photo of the actual part if I'm spending money like that. Pays to be cautious sometimes.
  10. Yeah I see the one in the pic on the left is for a SS with cladding, I meant that is the only picture posted. None of the actual unpaint pan. Could just be a photo of a bser pan. I'm not trying to be a dick just overly cautious of eBay scams. If that's a legit buy I'd do it, that would be awesome.
  11. I don't get the eBay thing, is that a guy that has a bser roll pan or is it a new guy making pans? And super sketchy that there isn't any picks of the actual pan. I want one real bad but I'm also not a complete idiot. I'd pass on that at the moment.
  12. So is this topic dead? If not any updates? Holding of on spending money on other mods in the chance this is a go.
  13. Yeah i ordered some ebc yellow stuff truck pads after I figured out what I needed thanks a lot.
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