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  1. While I try not to associate with them IL people I'm from outside Milwaukee if you guys ever get to the border.
  2. I am in need of a chrome factory rear bumper for a 03 arrival blue Z71 chrome rear bumper with out the plastics, they are still good. A GM part number or price please.
  3. Have the SSS and then the ladys 04 Ford Explorer AWD V8.
  4. the CD player come with all the hook ups to plug and play into my 03?
  5. I believe you can just have to make sure they are GM made for your truck year. I've done a 04 trailblazer before.
  6. he does Gears? I think on speed. or did.
  7. Yea well Trucks! Now is Truck Tech.. it's just a marketing thing and different paint on the inside of the shops/sets
  8. It's power nation now. It used to be extreme 4x4 now is extreme off road. Horsepower tv now engine power...ect. same shows just different names and all the hosts just shifted around a bit
  9. So does/did anybody watch the "new" set of shows on Spike? They were Powerblock 2hrs in the morning. Now they just renamed the shows and shuffled the personalitys around.
  10. Packers North Division Champs! Niners going down next Sunday in Lambeau!
  11. cant be using that frozen tundra thats a Packer tm. lol
  12. a guy at work just bought a silver and red one. I kinda like it it has about the same hp to weight as our trucks stock. It wont take a lot for that to scoot. its pretty nice i cant really find a thing to hate on it. the Abarth version way better than the regular 500. He spent a whole year researching it, and ordered it up. i like it. damn you have too much going on guy always something. Post up more on here i like reading about other peoples build in my online truck community.
  13. Got mine today love it! Ill send ya some more cash and ill bee looking for another order soon the girl wants one now. Thanks again.
  14. Damn I didnt get mine yet.....UGGHH cant wait its like Christmas
  15. I took hwy 18/151 I think from Madison to Davenport and it was an awesome ride but idk where we would meet and or do when we are around there.
  16. Yea it was just a quick thing we dont live to far from eachother. Pm me your number id love to do something this spring
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