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  1. Hi, I searched and found nothing at all, if I'm just a bad searcher, I apologize. I'm having PCM issues and have found a replacement but it is from a lq9/4l80 drivetrain. I have a lm7/4l60. I know an lq9/4l65 PCM would work and I'd just reflashed with hptuners, but I'm told since the lq4 PCM is set up for 4l80 I can't use it. Is this correct? Hoping an experienced tuner chimes in on this. Thanks.
  2. Getting exhaust put on today, the drive to the exhaust shop yesterday afternoon was interesting to say the least. Definitely needs a lot of work on the tune and transition from idle to driving and back to idle.
  3. Yea both of mine broke off inside the head.
  4. Hello from Denton. I was actually in Keller yesterday. I highly recommend Texas speed headers, and my buddy Virgil can hook you up with a tune.
  5. When did Belgium get new plates? They were just red and white when I lived in mons. But that was over 10 years ago now.
  6. Yea it sounds nasty for sure, I'm excited to see how it runs with the tune ironed out. This will be my first time tuning a vehicle that actually needs tuning. All of my experience is with little stuff like turning off o2s or changing tire size/adding e fans
  7. With a 1 year old and my job, I don't have much time to work on it. I pulled the heads in 2 days after work, and took a day off to reassemble. I do not have air tools or anything and also did a can swap and installed longtubes and I assembled it in a total of about 3.5 hours. Extracting bolts will be the hardest part if you're doing it yourself.
  8. And by "it did not go well" I mean when I went to install my Texas speed long tubes (love them by the way.) I found two broken manifold bolts in the heads, one in each head, back bolts. I did not have the means to remove them on the truck so I pulled the heads and the " might as well" bug hit until I ran out of money.(didn't take much)
  9. Ok here is a YouTube link finally got it done.
  10. Nevermind I guess. I can't get it to upload.
  11. I've had a really long wee and a half. I went to put my headers on last week, and it didn't go well. Long story short, heads/cam/header 5.3. Untuned, starting on that after dinner just to make it run, full tune after the rest of the exhaust is on. And sorry, I'm on my phone so I'm gonna upload video to YouTube real quick.
  12. For what it's worth he messaged me yesterday about the muffler.
  13. Ok I've decided to go with tsp headers and my engine builder is going to put together a custom variant of the 220r cam since it's my daily driver.
  14. Yea I know I can't go nuts, but in my daily driver 5.3 truck, i don't want to go crazy anyway. I'm having a custom grind spec'd out for my combo because after this, I'll have to upgrade the trans before I add any power.
  15. I searched and could not find but I'm on my phone so I'm sorry if I missed it. I'm looking for the next round of mods for my 04 5.3 Silverado. I have currently: volant intake, spintech muffler, corvette servo, and 2400 stall. I'm thinking headers and cam but if I want to do both, my header budget is limited. Can anyone give me an actual review of the tsp stainless headers?
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