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  1. Had someone offer me $28K for the truck. Might be selling it this spring. I've got a 2010 Camaro SS now and a 2014 Silverado LTZ 6.2L. The SS just sits most of the time since winter is 8months long here Thinking about selling the Camaro and the SSS and heading south. -40 is getting old. lol. Thinking maybe Arizona. Been a fun build and I got to enjoy it. But on to bigger and better things. If the sale falls through, and anyone on here is interested, shoot me an offer. Haha
  2. Actually, Richard is tuning my truck now.
  3. Been awhile since I've been on this site. I'm sure a lot of others can say the same. Thought I'd throw up a quick update though. Truck runs pretty well. Worked out the mechanical kinks. Still on a conservative tune, but will turn up when I get the methanol kit installed. Pretty quick for 90 octane though. Spun a little off the line. Launched from an idle. Some pics of my progress. Will get updated times with meth, more timing, and better tires Cold start video
  4. Yup. Swing through. We are driving 375mi to get there. Haha
  5. This is great... Yeah I bought a new tensioner and I can still grab my A/C belt and peel it off by hand. And when cold it squeals bad. I was on a drive and it started screeching so I just reached down and cut it. Currently running with no belt. Such a bad design IMO. Was gonna fab up a tensioner bracket that would move the tensioner upwards and keep the belt tighter, but this seems like a better option. Thanks for sharing
  6. Sup fuccker. I got a red tailgate cap if you want it. Itll just need prep/paint. And $1billion to get it to Florida
  7. Its just incredible how much you were able to accomplish with what you have. I mean, stock block, heads, blower at only 14psi? And you pulled 10s? And 80e and fuel system etc to support the power of course... But damn. Haha. My build is nearly identical to yours, only with forged guts and the jackshaft style 2300, I wont see as much belt slip and might shoot for higher boost numbers.. Glad you were able to get such a great time with your truck. Gives me hope to run a 10s myself
  8. This is great man. Awesome work. Gives me hopes for 10s with my truck. Put 135mi on it so far. Just waiting on spring to get it out and start dialing it in. Im sure ill be hitting you up for pointers this summer
  9. Haha right? Took me long enough...
  10. Quick idle clip. Cam sounds pretty good. It's a bit muffled from the exhaust tip being so close to the wall in the garage. But you get the idea. Haha
  11. Interested to hear it at 6500rpms before a shift. Haha should sound pretty evil
  12. Update: found MAP reading was 70kPa with KOEO. Unplugged sensor and it dropped to 10kPa, which is a reference reading and normal when sensor circuit is open. Zippy said this was an obvious problem. Guess my MAP just took a shit and its overfueling on start up and choking it out. Ordered a new MAP 12615136. Zippy said this would be the one to get (2bar). So hopefully that'll get the ball rolling and I can start driving and logging with it. Sensor will be here at 3:00pm Friday. So I'll update then.
  13. Woah woah woah.... With proper grip, you're capable of running a 10.99 or faster with just 12-14psi on a stock block?!... I knew it was going to be a good combo when I started putting my build together. I had a feeling a high boost, high compression, stock cubes build would move out. But I figured I'd need 22psi+ to hit 10s... Damn. I'm impressed! I know its not cheap to get to 10s, but dollar for dollar, I think you've got a damn good set up there. Seen people dump $30K into their trucks and still not break 10s.
  14. Video says private. But great job bud! That's awesome. I hope to be as fast as you with my set up. Haha
  15. Hmm. Yeah it definitely acts like the popular x link issue. Strange thing is it's the same x link and throttle body as the last build and it worked just fine then.. Maybe it crapped out. I sent zippy and email. See what he says. Once I get this figured out, she'll be ready for the road. Got drive shafts in, gauges are done... Took me long enough but I'm close to being done for now. Gotta make an intake tube yet as well... But I've got a long winter to work the kinks out. Life has been crazy lately. Haha but things are looking up. Starting to get my shit together...
  16. Thinking maybe X link issues? Idk but to me I think this throttle plate should be opening more. Doesn't look like its opening at all when firing up. Probably snuffing it out. (video)
  17. Well, it's alive... Kinda. She fires off, but won't idle. Got good fuel pressure (60psi) and when it starts I don't hear any misfire or anything. Sounds smooth. So pretty sure there's no spark or injector issues at all. It fires up, but it dies right away. Ideas? Tune maybe? Video attached
  18. MID12sSSS

    The Storm

    Yeah... Ive been.... busy. Haha. But the truck is done, rear shaft is being made now. Tune is loaded.. Getting fluids today. Aiming to fire it up sunday and take it for a rip.. I did have a question about your Varimax coolant pump. I bought the same one from LPE, that included the 4 pin connector. Put a ignition 12v+ to pin 1, ground to pin 2, and left pin 3 and 4 empty. There is a wiring schematic here on page 4 http://paceperformance.com/attachment/113847-TechAFX_VariMax_PumpOperationDetails.pdf I wired it up, and it doesn't work Thinking I may have gotten a shit pump? or do I need to supply power/ground to one/both the other pins? Any ideas?
  19. Awesome! Sounds like a plan! Gonna have a blast down there man!
  20. Bahahaha! No! I missed it already. My deadline is to have it, and the el Camino ready for the Father's Day car show I've been dragging my feet on this build for too long. lol. Haven't been doing shit but drinking beer and partying lately. Lol But Ive definitely been enjoying life. Might be moving to Florida after all. Got 2 real good buds up here that will be headed to the Tampa area at the end of the summer. So we'll get a nice pad and enjoy the woman and weather
  21. Yup. Gonna be turning the key soon. Trans is in, wire tuck is done, finally!! I had like 100hrs into that thing. Fuel system is done... Just need driveshafts, fluids, and a tune. Then odds and ends like gauges and whatnot. Once i get it to work, I'll put it on the lift and do some frame painting. Haha
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