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  1. KrausMotorSports

    Post a poc of your Silverado SS

    My Old SS. Kinda miss it now a days. Its been a few years.
  2. KrausMotorSports

    2004 SS 34k miles H/C

  3. KrausMotorSports

    Engine Covers 6.0/ Caddy

    I'll look Into the injectors to give you a correct answer. I do believe they are the same but I'll verify first. Thanks
  4. KrausMotorSports

    Engine Covers 6.0/ Caddy

    Hey Guys, Going through the garage and cleaning out the things I don't need anymore. - Stock 03 Full Engine covers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$75 - Stock Cadillac Top Engine Cover…………………………………………………………………$35 - Stock Cadillac Injectors from 6.2 (Not sure on flow rate?)…………………………………….$45 - Stock 03 VICTORY RED Front Grill ( Cracked but could be plastic welded?)………………$65 " I'll post pics of the grill later tomorrow after I pull it from the attic" Thanks Guys,
  5. KrausMotorSports

    Any 1 splain 2014 NASCAR point systm?

    i say everything went south after Sr. Passed. Racing ain't racing without a little bit of bumping and fighting. It's not what it used to be that's for sure. And get penalized or fined for cussing? What the hell! Most Nascar fans are redneck's and Hicks anyways including myself. And people who cuss more tend to be more honest! I don't know I'm just rambling but it's not what it used to be.
  6. KrausMotorSports

    Cecil county run?

    I'm going to MIR this saturday for the last track rental of the year. I didn't even make it to cecil this year. I heard the track prep and cecil has greatly improved!
  7. KrausMotorSports

    Ken Block Gymkhana 7

    It was pretty Badass! I caught it about 30 mins after it was released. I still think Ken did great in the Suby's. The Fiesta was pretty cool and this new Stang is Crazy cool. Wish I could spend a day with these guys!
  8. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    Yes sir It did! I thank you very much for helping me with the sale!
  9. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    She sold today! Going to a happy G8 owner!
  10. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    I checked them out also.... You need 50 post in order to post in the for sale section. I guess it's worth a shot at least. I know it's a easier swap for them. I just figured I check out my ole buddies first
  11. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    Hahaha oh dang. Haha I told a buddy of mine today as I get a text from the misses that she broke the entertainment system cordenza today. I just shook my head and said all this crap gives me heart palpitations! Hahaha we just laugh and carry on! So fellas what's this blower worth to y'all? Here's the skinny on what you need "if" it was a L99 camaro.... Cause nobody has done it to a SSS yet that I know of? http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=275489
  12. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    New foundation (rear wall, full basement), main service panel, 100amp garage sub panel, all new circuits, aluminum wire house to copper everything, 80% new plumbing, new walls, 2 new bathrooms, insulation, sub floors, tile floor, hardwood floors, ALL appliances, Marble countertops, deck patio, shed base, installed ceiling fans in every room. And the list goes on! Houses built In 1965 didn't usually. Just this year by myself did it all. Need to pay my Home Depot bill....they love me! Next fall is roof and driveway is bad. Need to re pour concrete garage floor. Water damage washed out everything underneath. Got my hands full.
  13. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    Na I need $$$ the money to finish this whole house. Watch the movie Money Pit! It was pretty much that bad! Haha
  14. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    DEAL^^^^^ hahahaha
  15. KrausMotorSports

    FS: CTS-V 1.9 Blower sub 20k miles $1000

    To the top! Like to move this soon.