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  1. Can the bolts be put in the middle to use the existing rear bumper brackets? My truck is in storage now so really cant look and take pictures but I would think that if you put the bolts in the middle area where the rear brackets are and depending on if it can bolt up as it sits in place or simply get another piece of aluminum to connect the pan to bracket sounds easy enough. That way no drilling into the bed corners.
  2. Way to go retired99 just ruined everyone s chance to get these ducts
  3. Hey guys I know this is a topic that gets brought up like a thousand time a year and ive asked and asked but really havnt gotten far with it. im looking for one of the BSER roll pans ive contacted diesel and bser and heard nothing back so is there anything else i can do or am i out of luck?
  4. im also looking email me if anyone is selling or someone gets a group buy. [email protected] or text 651 500 0691 thanks pete
  5. Im looking for a victory red gas door 03 SS 1500 also a brake vent for driver side. anyone know where to get em or have one to sell let me know.
  6. are you the one who emailed me?
  7. Ok so is anything gonna happen here with the roll pan? I had a guy email me about them but never heard back? Its like December and truck is going into storage so looking to buy for winter projects... lets help each other here guys everyone wants these but no one wants to get it going and or the topic dies.
  8. brake vents in bumper cover gone driver side but will take both?
  9. how or where do you get a mold to do it?
  10. also to add on the topic of someone creating a new cladding I just seen a Black SS at the local grocery store that had a different rear body clad with a regular roll pan. they are out there just have to find the company. to show what I mean go here...http://www.streetsideauto.com/p/street-scene-generation-3-roll-pan-950-70128/?utm_source=googlepepla&utm_medium=adword&utm_content=pla&gclid=CPKLrv7Q4bgCFe4-MgodkVEAhA
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