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  1. Wats up guys long time no talk.....been awhile since I been on good to see still pretty active... how's everyone been

    1. Muggs


      What's up man, hope all is well

    2. SS&Sierra_84
  2. I have a muffler back with oem tip was taken off at about 42k pm if interested
  3. For those that are interested in them i have these remaining and once gone there gone pm me if your interested 4 blue 4 white 2 green 1 red
  4. Bump .....taking any offer need these thing gone
  5. ya I need it to trailer the vette that would be awesome
  6. Glad you love it...... That was my baby it was good to meet ya and hope you enjoy it as much as I did cant wait to hear it with a cam
  7. that's my old srt8 300 I had someone hit and run I traded that for the SS after it was fixed and now traded my SS for this callaway
  8. Thanks guys, i know i had goose bumps and my hands would shake first few times i drove it... defintly puts a smile on my face every time i open the garage
  9. well after 6 wonderful years with my 2003 SSS, I had to bite the bullet and traded it in. we got this beautiful 2010 corvette grandsport upfitted by callaway, this vehilce was a one owner and we had bought it outright from him after sitting at our GM store for to long they decied to bring it to our store needless to say our manger drove it in parked it and i bought it hrs later. I got a deal of a lifetime im not guna say the price i got it for but my payment only went up 142.00 per month over what I was paying on the SSS. so with that it was a done deal and by the end of the day on my birthday i was the proud owner of a brand new 2010 callaway corvette with 4800 original miles on it, so a lil brake down 6.2L with 2300 magnuson supercharger 6 speed mannual trans billet short throw shifter full 3in stainless steal exhaust fully adjustable coil over suspsion front and rear and much much more to much to list car and driver puts it at 606hp to rear wheels 3.6 0-60mph 7.8 0-100 11.3 1/4 @ 127 Walk around http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii616/blnawayss/Mobile%20Uploads/20160414_180824_001_zpsmmnpn3oq.mp4
  10. So after 6 wonderful years with my 2003 SSS truck, I came across the opportunity of a life time just so happen to be on my birthday. The dealership I work for got a beautiful 2010 callaway corvette with 4700 miles on it. By the end of the day I was taking the vette home, which brings up this post. After all the pride and hardwork that went into the SS I had to take majority of it out so I do have some item for sale out of my old truck some where used in it some part I never had a chance to put on. So item that are for sale custom dual 12in sub box, DD 2500.1 amp, amp wiring kit 0gauge,kenwood navi double din,bully dog tuner and scanner with flush a pillar mount, comp cam [email protected] (brand new never installed), muffler back stock exhaust including tip. I do have a 102mm ls3 throttle body but don't know if want to sell since the vette has the same kinda nice to have a xtra just in case but if offered fair enough I might sell also might sell stock 4L65E torque converter has 70k on it. ALL ITEMS ARE THEIR PRICE/O.B.O PLUS SHIPPING Bully dog tunner with a pillar mount-- 140.00 obo Stock muffler/tip exhaust-- 125.00 Kenwood double din navi dnx6180-- 300.00 obo (Doesn't eject CDs) 0gauge wiring with furs block-- 50.00 obo OEM torque converter 70k (possibly for sale). 100.00 MORE ITEMS AND PICS BELOW Subwoofer box-- 280.00 boo Digital design 2500.1 amp in pics 650.00 obo Comp cams -- 240.00. Obo Throttle body-- $$????
  11. Well after 6 yrs with the SS I traded it in on my birthday and bought a 2010 corvette grandsport callaway edition.... So I'll have a for sale ad up soon with all the Items I took off and some that never made it on so be on the look out

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    2. BLNAWAY


      Me to though I'd have the SS forever but bought it on a whim once in a lifetime deal couldn't pass up

    3. 8hnpSS


      same here man. i said all the same things also lol. let mine go after 7 years. the truck was starting to fall apart mechanically from years of heavy abuse lol. enjoy the vette

    4. idahoBLKss


      rad, ive been looking at z06's and zr1's


  12. Well after 6 yrs with the SS I traded it in on my birthday and bought a 2010 corvette grandsport callaway edition.... So I'll have a for sale ad up soon with all the

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