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  1. Things escalated quickly lol. Went from an exhaust upgrade to a turbo in just a few post!
  2. Sh*t my bad wasn't paying attention. Yeah i'm thinking of Zippy.
  3. Locally no I don't know of any. But I know a lot of the guys on this site have gone to Zippy in Las Vegas for tunes.
  4. You in San Fernando valley Los Angeles?
  5. Welcome to the forum. Where in LA are you located? I live in Wilmington/Carson area by the port of LA.
  6. Sorry to hear that man. Makes me scared to take my truck out I live in LA. I'll definitely keep an eye out but for sure!!
  7. You still have the full kits? And if so is it a PITA to install the rears?
  8. Going to have to take a look at it on my next days off. its hardly noticeable I'd have to have the radio down to hear it. I hope its something minor.
  9. I'll send you a text or Pm. I want to complete the kit.
  10. Anybody else have this issue? Every time I go to run the A/C in my truck I hear a slight knocking from behind the center console underneath the dash. Wondering if anybody else has had this issue and what did you find.
  11. That's all i'm missing to complete this kit. Could you give me a price for these 3 items? Shipped to 90744.
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