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  1. I have been back and forth on arms because I am also looking into coilovers
  2. Ok. I found GS calipers for $1500 new. not sure how I will do it, but it will be pieced together. I cant do a drop until I decide what tires and when to get them
  3. I am looking into the Z06 brackets, GS silver calipers, and was curious if they will all fit with lowering spindles and 20' replicas? Eventually I will change the wheels, but will be keeping a 20" with 275/40R20's
  4. Some of you went to the last one, if you want to go to this ears let me know. I am organizing it with GM-trucks.com. I am not on here much so PM me or text at 661-241-0891, or email at [email protected] Here is the thread there http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/172848-central-cal-la-area-meet-june-13-2015-castaic-lake/
  5. You need the new wheel, clock spring, and 2 things programmed. The BCM has to be programmed to accept redundant audio controls and the cluster needs to be programmed for the enhanced driver's information center. I did it a couple years ago. It is pretty easy, but there are a lot of plugs. A couple of them arent the easiest to access. Be prepared to go elbow deep in the dash. It took me about 3 hours to do while taking my time then a morning at the dealer and paying them $145. with the programming, make sure your service advisor knows the process. Some dont understand programming in options your truck didn't originally come with.
  6. Those are easy to sell and hard to track.
  7. Maybe take the 112 off and bring it up this way
  8. With long tubes, i dont think a shop wants to be involved
  9. Those were what came on 05-06 Denali's.
  10. That pipe is a pain in the ass to cut. I tried with an angle grinder. When i got out the sawzall it went by fast. I would not attempt with a hacksaw
  11. Buy one that fits and find a friend with a welder.
  12. In T/H your tahoe will blink 6 times
  13. Did you call Summit? I have had great experiences with them and i ask a lot of questions prior to ordering
  14. I would definitely order from them again if they carry the wheels i want. Kevin, I say go for it. Get them and from them
  15. That is the one and the place i got my set from
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