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  1. Might be the traction bars. Mine road crappier after I put them on my truck but then again I also did a shackle, shocks, and sway bar. I can't see how the sway bar or shackle would make that much of a difference so it's between the shocks and traction bars for me I believe. I have assassin bars not caltracs but I assume you can adjust the preload on caltracs also. You could try backing off the preload and if it rides better you'll know what it is. I've thought about doing that with my truck but I'm too lazy.
  2. I like it. It doesn't have that big ass over sized front grill that the 2014 trucks had. The biggest problem I'll have with it is the price of trucks now days is just stupid. The car companies basically price gouge everyone on anything that is desirable and lose money on the shit no one wants but are forced to make for CAFE. Why not let the damn car companies make stuff that everyone wants and let them make a reasonable profit on everything.
  3. I don't know production numbers but I have to think the VHO is a lot more rare. I've never ever seen another truck with VHO tags in Arizona but have seen quite few Vortexmax trucks. VHO trucks they didn't even sell nation wide. Not that it matters too much with my truck, It's been bastardized with a 4l80 and turbo kit.
  4. There is no such thing as a crew cab 4x4 VHO. Only extended cab 2wd 04 and 05.
  5. maybe I'm just old but I don't have any problem with the OEM headlight setup and don't even see the point in changing it. Most of that stuff looks riced out to me.
  6. If you plan on running a 101mm turbo and actually taking advantage of it you better budget for a Lsx or Lx Next block and 6 bolt heads.
  7. Let me guess, in this video his biggest gripe was not have a waterproof passenger seat?
  8. Take the truck somewhere like this and take a video of drawers falling off. https://youtu.be/pCW7_ZhPfls
  9. If you want to feel good about losing by 5 car lengths in a race 60mph then I say more power to ya! As pointed out above 345hp now days isn't jack. You can't even buy a V8 in a truck from ford, GM, or Dodge that makes less than 345.
  10. Thanks. Those emblems are factory VHO emblems, it's the way the truck came. I don't know the part # or if they are still even available.
  11. Unless your v6 truck has some sort sentimental value just get rid of it and get one with a V8 to start.
  12. You don't have to have anything connecting the 2 sides of your exhaust. That said having a x pipe is supposed to be better. The likelihood of someone having dyno numbers comparing x pipe vs x muffler vs both together are pretty slim. I'd say the safest bet would be X pipe 1st then with 2 separate straight through mufflers keeping both sides of the exhaust as equal of length as possible before and after the x would be best just because that's what most aftermarket systems are.
  13. Thanks guys. Those wheels are track only, normally I got that b_tch on dubs! lol
  14. poopnewton

    10.83 @ 127

    Since I noticed you guys updated the fast times list a little I thought I might share what I did a few months back. My truck isn't a SS but being a VHO it's the exact same thing as a 2wd SS without the trim and badging so I'm not sure it I qualify for the list anyway. In any case here's my slip. I'm the first VHO or 2wd SS that I know of in the 10's, although I would not be surprised if there are others I'm not aware of.
  15. Same here when I ran my pro flow intake although I'm back to stock intake and TB now.
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