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  1. eberhama

    Need upper bumper pad, any condition

    701-866-5573. I just need a small piece kind of under the driver's taillight. Maybe snap a pic of the whole cover? Mines been wrecked and fixed at least once before in that spot. Might be easier just to split in half, wouldn't be much of a seam to hide. Thanks, matt
  2. Looking for a top pad for an SS rear bumper. Doesn't need to be super nice or have all the tabs. The truck it's going on is rough around the edges, but looks weird without it. Could also use a small chunk of the bumper cover if anyone has a shredded one. Thanks, matt
  3. OK...I guess I'm still a little confused...why would you need to a place to mount power seat switches on a non-power seat?
  4. Looks like its 88943143 FRAME, Seat Cushion FRAME,DRIVER SEAT CUSHION(POWER). Though a junkyard would prob be faster/cheaper/easier than the dealer. Can I ask why you would need one?
  5. eberhama

    WTB: 1 silver SS wheel

    Got one
  6. eberhama


    I watched it like 5 times, and I still cant figure it out. Its like a bad video game, bumps the back of the truck, does a barrel roll, and pops back on its wheels and keeps going.
  7. eberhama


    Holy schnikes, I was expecting someone to back into your bumper or a light sideswipe. Wow.
  8. eberhama

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    uppers are all the same. The lowers on an -06 SS would be the same as 4wd, since they both use torsion bars. Regular 2wd are coil spring.
  9. eberhama

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    Don't know if you found anything, but all 1500 2wd/4wd spindles are the same 99-06(except 1500HD). Should be able to pick up a set cheap at any salvage yard.
  10. eberhama

    Trouble pumping gas....

    Its the solenoid that goes bad. Its the round thing near #4 in psualumni's picture. It sucks in fine dust, and eventually sticks the solenoid shut, making for the slow gas fill. You can take it off and clean it, or replace it, but that is a short term fix. GM's fix was to replace it, and run the intake up under the hood with a long piece of heater hose. Looks a little hoaky, but it works. You shouldn't need to remove the box or gas tank to do any of it.
  11. eberhama

    rear end replacement

    99-04 rears will work. Would need to use the SS calipers & rotors(or tahoe/suburban). Being that 4.10 was optional, there not a whole lot easier to find than an SS rear.
  12. eberhama

    Too much rust? Thoughts

    As a northerner, yes I would kill to have a truck that clean on the underside. Also, don't feel to bad about no sunroof, the factory ones are pretty cheesy. I have one, I'd rather not have a hole in my roof, but it was what was available. That being said, $21K is $5K over the cleanest of clean retail.
  13. eberhama

    Speaker problem

    I've had it happen on a couple trucks. I wiggle the wires around until the speaker works and then put a zip tie on it to hold the wires in the working position. Been working that way for a couple years. No idea what causes it, or what the correct fix is though.
  14. eberhama

    Need sss rear axle asap

    Its not super common, but there are a few out there, more so in the 99-02 style. Modern Muscle Salvage in Romeo MI is showing one for $250(an SS one that is) cheapest one in the country.
  15. eberhama

    Need sss rear axle asap

    Just get one out of a regular silverado, there are lots of them around. The only thing that is different are the rotors and calipers, and those can be had off of any tahoe or suburban etc.