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  1. Hey all, I'm selling my 2004 Silverado SS. Pics are posted to my profile. Has just under 98k miles on it currently. Fresh oil change, new spark plugs, new power steering pump, new battery, K&N cold air intake, custom tuned chip for fuel injection/air intake ratio, custom Flowmaster MBAP pipe, new platinum spark plugs, new front and rear main seals, tires recently rotated. All scheduled maintenance has been taken care of. Truck is located in Northern VA If you have any questions feel free to contact at (703) 868-1314. (CALL, Will probably not respond to messages sent to my inbox on this website) No Bullshit offers, cash talks, I know what the truck is worth and won't put up with crap offers. Asking for $18,000
  2. Marinesarelife

    Big Blue

    2004 Chevy Silverado SS 83k Miles Arrival Blue coat For list of upgrades check description of vehicle
  3. Most amazing pic of a lifted SS i've found...im actually looking to lift mine as well. This looks sexy as hell in my opinion http://i626.photobucket.com/albums/tt348/alarm_the_alarm/wreakedss2.jpg
  4. Semper Fi Vets- Happy Memorial Day

  5. Hey if anyone out theres from the NOVA/ DC Metro area and lookin to get a rally goin hit me up
  6. Pics of the truck are finally up. check em out

    1. rickyrick562


      Lookin good. any mods to it?

    2. Marinesarelife


      K&N Type 77 Series Cold Air Intake

      Flowmaster MBAP Straight Pipe (Had to take off the dual cause I almost got a disturbing the peace)

      And a chip from Performancechipsnow.com (Im up 45hp AND 4mpg)

  7. Ok yal so last road trip I was able to pull 20mpg. Took a pick of the dash I'll try to upload for ya sometime soon, Iv been having trouble uploading pics from my computer and thus none of the truck
  8. Just took a road trip and hit 20mpg. OORAH

    1. MARTYW


      Congrats! What was pushing you? LOL

    2. Marinesarelife


      A 6L Vortec V8 lol

  9. No I didn't actually. The truck I had up was just a temporary image I put on because I didn't have a chance to upload some of my own. The truck you saw before was just one I found a picture of online. The truck you see now is mine, I purchased it up in Maryland
  10. No problem at all. All the cleaning entails is a kit that costs around $8-10, and a few hours of your time. Simply remove the filter, spray on the cleaner, rise it thoroughly with a hose, let it air dry, apply the oil(spray on), let it air dry, re-attach filter and your done
  11. Pure city driving Im pulling around 14.6-15 mpg, havent had a chance for a long trip on the highway yet but Ill be taking one in the next week and I'll let you know. Hopefully should be around 20
  12. I love my K&N. Its a type 77 series performance cold air kit. Now some of the people tellin the horror stories might have bought a filter that just wasn't the right fit for your vehicle. I had to take my truck through over 2 feet of water and it ran fine. And as to your second question, ever couple thousand miles. Im actually going to clean it again this weekend. The process couldnt be easier.
  13. The results are in for the chip and I couldnt be more pleased Prior to the chip I was pulling between 10-12 average mpg depending on where most of the driving was taking place and what load I was hauling Now with the chip having had a chance to acclimate to the engine and air intake(300 miles and around 50+ starts), I am currently pulling an average mpg of 15-16mpg again this was from performancechipsnow.com
  14. To all who wanted to know how the chip worked, The initial few miles after instillation were a little rough as the computer tried to readjust itself to the initial introduction of the new program. However shortly after and instant increase in horsepower and throttle response was seen. Mpg gains are yet to be determined. (Manufacturer recommends allowing up to 300 miles and close to 50 starts before seeing full performance change)
  15. Hey guys, the chip just came in the other day. With any luck I'll have time to install it either today or tomorrow. Ill let yal know what effect it has.
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