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  1. Since there's no more RadioShack does anyone know a different part number or how to get this part
  2. I do have a K&n air filter the most recent thing I did was change the engine oil and cleaned out the air filter
  3. So I was driving my truck this weekend when the check engine light came on plug in my code reader and said my mass airflow sensor had an error should I just replace it and what can be the cause
  4. 06 Silverado SS looking to upgrade the front brakes and switch the rear drums brakes to disc brakes does anyone know where I could get a conversion kit and what a good upgrade is for the front
  5. How low can I drop my truck if I have 22" rims I would like to drop it 2" in the front and 4" in the back may be a little more if possible
  6. Ya I think it's the hub assembly but today I took my truck to work and on the freeway it started making a noise like a electric motor turned on
  7. put new brakes and pads on but still making the noise its only when I turn. I think it might be the abs hub assembly
  8. So for awhile now my truck makes a loud metal to metal grinding noise when I turn and now This the first time I drive it in a month and when I brake on a really bumpy surface the antilock brake turns on and kicks my foot peddle up So I was wondering if anybody had an idea of what it could be before I start taking the whole truck a part trying to find the problem
  9. do i still need the switch if i plan on doing the hi low mod
  10. ya i know all cars do this but the light would dim so low that they didn't even look on any more but i got new interstate 1000cc and its all good now and the new leds look brighter too thanks for the help
  11. just installed a i simple gateway and changed the map, door, dome and courtesy lights to leds and now my truck is having problems starting and when i roll the windows the lights dim down till i stop pushing the button what could be the problem ???
  12. that sucks bro. the samething happened to my truck since it is parked in our carport the **** parked next to it opened their door and left a big red mark that doesnt want to come off but when i move out in a month ill get my pay back
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