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  1. Im having the same issue starts at 60 or the jus get to where at 90 feels like ima lose something. So I did front and rear driveshaft u-joints and had both balanced. Well never felt so solid but this vibration is still here. Ive been told that the trans is going.It was only $300 with labor so not bad if you dont wanna get dirty. Ima go to the D/S an get a second opinion.
  2. Went up against a 2006 ISS 2WD. Well I held him till 60 because of AWD traction but the weight difference of +400Lbs or so can't be beat it in the long run.
  3. I heard of a few guys cutting up the old one and flipping the brackets or something. Don't hold me to this jus heard of it.
  4. The SSS is a beast in the snow!

    1. BLNAWAY


      IK getting it all day... AWD doughnuts!!!!

  5. the map retards the timing i believe. so it takes care of the knock.
  6. HighClass SS

    Silverado SS

    My Menace Machine
  7. Im proof the worst thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I just did mine and well now ima pay 2k for it literately.
  8. My Diablo Sport has that option. Their not to bad on price $300 or so. Bonus they have a 87 octane program in the unit already.
  9. on my to do list. looks right!
  10. My good guy at the service counter but not at chevy anymore told me the same. he did it on a 5.3 and he said it drove in and never drove out flush took the trans right out. hes been a service provider from chevy to gmc to vw i been bringing all my vehicles since 16. its the stealership that i dont like. but he swears by you should drop the pan and filter change an adding on all vehicles. flush is to violent. should of called him first but damn coupons. and ya to the trans leak.
  11. th thanks. i having trouble deciding. 1. rebuild stock $1400 or buy reman from GM +/-$ 2000 2. stage 2 hd kit with a 24 or 2500 stall $1900 3. i found a performance 4l65e at gm performance but i cant find any info on it for $2200 p# 19260380 what to do errrrrrrrrrr! and no jus had it flushed new ujoints and front left diff seal and rear tcase seal
  12. My Son who's 12 told me he wants a 2004 Supercharged Monte Carlo, I so proud!

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    2. Muggs


      Bringing him up right, good job

    3. HighClass SS

      HighClass SS

      Thanks he jus made Student Of the Month, and 4-A's w/2-B's. He wants something thats quick, but not scary fast, and good on gas. then he read that my old work hitech does a E85 conv for a gain of 20hp. that stuff around $2.25ga!

    4. HighClass SS

      HighClass SS

      @jc03ss you see the concept silverado cheyenne? And I tried talking him into a 06 single cab w/ls2, no go Errr!

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