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  1. looks really good, wonder if he can do the 99-02 cluster
  2. i have a mac book pro less than 2months old and i bought the extra warranty, pm me if interested, trying to get the trans fund up
  3. sucks to hear, but all the ford guys are gonna think there cars are worth twice as much
  4. lmao i opened mine and a condom from when i was 16 fell out
  5. ship it back to my house lol
  6. so what happened with the production of a kit?
  7. I believe yours us the simplest one yet. I'm to scared of heights but good money in it
  8. I hope you don't receive them, or they got hammered during shipping. We don't need people with your additude on here. You sound like alittle 16 year old punk who is being a e thug.
  9. I would buy it, miles doesn't really concern me, all depends how well it has been taking care of
  10. <br /><br /><br />The Easter bunny left him a turd in the egg lmao
  11. 295 305 and all that is the width of the tire the middle number like 40 or 45 is the tire height "sidewall" and the last number 20 or 22 is the rim size
  12. A week is about right for a individual sale. At least he gave you a tracking number. I say it's pretty safe to say he has a job and maybe waited for a day off to ship it. I've never had someone ship something next day IMO
  13. 23 and never could afford a real ss so I stick with my rcsb silverado
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