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  1. Hey so my Silverado SS has found a new home and the new owner didn’t want any of the parts I had for it. Figured I’d offer them up here. Federal Moog upper and lower control arms with bushings and ball joints end links torque arm mounts and the corvette brake adapter kit from the guy on here who makes them. All new in the box. Don’t want to separate out parts just looking to get rid of all of it. Call it $500 for everything. Located in Eastern Oklahoma.
  2. Anyone know how to get ahold of this guy? Tried messaging him through this site and even responded to his email. Got nothing.
  3. So I've read about doing the C6 Z06 brake conversion on an 03 SS. All the threads where a few years old. Anyone know if they are still making he brackets and where do I get a set?
  4. Thanks. Found a thread that mentioned an improvement in the 04' front diff. Has this been included in all rebuilt units? Or is it a crap shoot on which one you get?
  5. So got tired of listen to the front end whine figured swapping fluid and fishing silver goo out would shut it up. Well less metal goo more metal flakes. So time to research new front diff and half shafts (starting to get a rattle from the driver side). All the rebuilt units I've found are around $1500. I don't even dare go and ask what the dealership wants. So this seems to be a common enough problem any one know the best place to get a rebuilt unit? All the threads I found by searching where from several years ago. Thanks
  6. mine whines like a champ all over the place $1600 is the cost of a rebuilt one (rockauto.com). I'm lining up parts for if/when it goes. 120,000 on the stock unit so far. Narrowed it down on mine with a chassis lift. fire up the truck put it in gear and pull out the stethascope (spelling?) you'll find the noise.
  7. Looking for the next weekend project for my truck. It's time to climb underneath and change some fluids figured while i was under there I'd swapp tp a deep aluminium tranny pan. Was wondering what everyone else was running? Also anyone have a stud girdle on the rear differental? Also anyone have part number for the energy suspension bushing kit?
  8. Mine does too man. Slowly getting better. Found play in the front wheel bearings, shocks where done, brakes where rattling and adding to the sound. Next weekend it's on to standard tune up and suspension bushings. Finding that it's not one thing that did it it's multiple things. Also the rubber bushings still look good but flex alot easier then their replacements. Local parts store doesnt even ask which vechile i need parts for anymore. my truck has 120,000 miles i'm finding that nothing is actually broke but alot of things are just wearing. Glad i enjoy working on my truck routinely.
  9. What did the truck do leading up to that? I got about 1/2 inch of slop in the front drive shaft. It's not the U-joints it's actual play in the front diff and t-case. Front diff is dying anyway hoping its just that and not the tcase as well.
  10. Mines got a nice whine to it as well. The part that really concerns me is the slop in the front driveshaft. Maybe 1/2 inch? Nice click when you start rolling or start braking. Hoping its just the front diff. going out. Anyone ever run across this problem?
  11. check out thirdgen.org. all they do is 82 to 92 F bodys.
  12. That does help quite a bit hot rod. Will definately order up that set up. I agree with you on the drilled and slotted rotors. Have seen way too many cracks ondrilled rotors and pad wear with slotted is a bit aggressive. Thanks.
  13. Inneed of new brakes and figured I'd put some work in on my suspension while I've got the wheels off. Was wondering if anyone has any expirience with and of the aftermarket big brake kits. Also seeem to behaving some trouble finding performance shocks for this thing. Any ideas?
  14. I've put EBC brakes on 2 other cars (03 Dodge Dokota and a 71 Mustang). I couldn't get them to shut up. They just squealed. After going back threw to make sure I didn't miss anything I took em to 2 other shops to get them checked out. The shops said everything looked good and they didn't know why they where squealing. Me personally I'll never use EBC's again. The cracking is a big issue on drilled rotors. If you buy the rotors with the holes and slots cast into them you shouldn't have that issue. Also drilled amd slotted rotors act like cheese graters on your pads. I prefer blank rotors with c
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