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  1. Thing1

    2/2 drop

    You will either have to drop the rear 2" or do a 2/4 drop for it to sit level. I used the Mcgaughys kit when I dropped my single cab 2/4 before I went lower.
  2. There was a brief write up by Timmy on gmfullsize years back if I remember right. - Edit - Found the link for you: https://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/how-to-manual-to-oem-power-windows-03-07.121472/
  3. Thing1

    Turbo build

    I have heard good things about KP and Trick turbo, I bet that they would sell the manifolds separately if that is what you are looking for. I'm sure others will chime in who know more about it as well.
  4. Thing1

    Help with sale price

    If you decide to sell it I'd love to see some pictures. My dad has been looking for a really clean one in TX and might be interested.
  5. Thing1

    Wanted! RED SS Cladding

    https://austin.craigslist.org/pts/d/silverado-ss-cladding-and/6686209203.html Not mine but found this on craigslist when I was looking for some before I ran across a black set. Best of luck!
  6. Thing1

    2004 AWD Drop

    I think it will be fine on AWD if you go somewhere around a 2/4 drop. My single cab is lowered around 5/7 and I daily it but it's 2wd.
  7. Thing1

    WTB: SS Rear Bumper

    Near San Angelo rught now but go up towards the DFW area a lot! @matslp448 Thank you! I'd really like to find one with the plastic pads and all but if I can't find any this may have to work.
  8. Thing1

    WTB: SS Rear Bumper

    I finally managed to score a set of cladding with all of the brackets for the single cab, unfortunately the seller had already sold the bumper. I am looking for a rear bumper in good shape with the brackets to mount it. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  9. Thing1

    Ceramic coated now

    Looks amazing, curious if there is anywhere local to me who does this kinda stuff.
  10. Thing1

    Photoshop skills?

    This is users BLAZE3's truck that I used as the base. I believe he is dropped 2/4~ and on 22s (SS Reps), I scaled the billet wheels to match that size best I could. Kinda a rough render, it is really hard to photoshop billets due to the reflections and the width of the wheel. Hope it helps!
  11. Thing1

    Photoshop skills?

    I will try and get a render, stock height or lowered? I may have made the wheels a bit too big again, like I said it is a bit hard to scale haha. Hope this is what you were looking for.
  12. Thing1

    Photoshop skills?

    Sure, can you link me to which ones? I am running across multiple models when looking into them.
  13. Thing1

    Photoshop skills?

    Here is a quick render I came up with shortly. If you want a better one let me know, this one is not perfect by any means. The wheels in this may be more accurate to 24's rather than 22's, it is kinda hard to judge how big a wheel will be in photoshop unless it is the same size as the ones currently on the vehicle.
  14. Thing1

    Photoshop skills?

    Post a pic of your truck and the wheels you want and I'll see what I can do
  15. Thing1

    -which is worth more??-

    If it is an extended cab clone I can understand the whole "why buy a fake one" thing. It seems like 90% of the clones I see are regular cabs though which was never a factory option. I have been working on a regular cab clone forever now, it has been a fun project and it's getting a motor built for it this summer so it goes as fast as it looks . Lol.