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  1. I always wondered if the carbon fiber trim was an option, I had an 07 classic RCSB that was fully loaded and it had the carbon fiber trim as well.
  2. It was a stupid good deal too, I would have got it, but I wasn't in the country at the time.
  3. Welp, you beat me to it, Tyler,Texas, Correct ?
  4. My corsa touring is really quiet whem cruising or on the highway but turns into a different animal whem you floor it
  5. You can still run a toggle switch but it looks way cleaner with the escalade one
  6. You can still add a power fold switch out of a 99-02 Escalade
  7. http://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/nbs-signal-mirror-swap.132328/it is possible check that thread out
  8. What ever you do dont get yokohama paradas. They hate the rain.
  9. Street car takeover is a crazy weekend for street racing. As far as the tracks im not to sure , Maybe another oklahoma member may chine in
  10. Post it on here if your ever in oklahoma , Plenty of fast sss here
  11. They sell a kit on ebay that allows you to use the oem remote , you need to tap in like 3 or 4 wires
  12. Did you get a chance to race louie ? The twin turbo single cab?
  13. 2011+ wheels do fit , Im running 2014 wheels on my rcsb
  14. Ive never had any issues with hids in the winter , Maybe try to run a relay to fix the issues
  15. jovanny

    OKC SS

    I swear that truck was supercharged , did you buy it at bob moore ?
  16. I bought some from superbrigheds.com , have not had any problems since
  17. Welcome , nice to see another oklahoma memeber
  18. Im fixing to send you a text 405 area code
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