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  1. jovanny

    Back in a Chevy (Not an SS but very close)

    I always wondered if the carbon fiber trim was an option, I had an 07 classic RCSB that was fully loaded and it had the carbon fiber trim as well.
  2. jovanny

    2004 Silverado SS

    Email Sent.
  3. jovanny


    It was a stupid good deal too, I would have got it, but I wasn't in the country at the time.
  4. jovanny

    2004 Silverado SS

    Where are you located?
  5. jovanny


    Welp, you beat me to it, Tyler,Texas, Correct ?
  6. jovanny

    Nearly every O2 Sensor Code & P0101

    My corsa touring is really quiet whem cruising or on the highway but turns into a different animal whem you floor it
  7. jovanny

    power fold mirrors

    You can still run a toggle switch but it looks way cleaner with the escalade one
  8. jovanny

    power fold mirrors

    You can still add a power fold switch out of a 99-02 Escalade
  9. jovanny

    power fold mirrors

    http://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/nbs-signal-mirror-swap.132328/it is possible check that thread out
  10. jovanny

    New Tire? What's everyone running?

    What ever you do dont get yokohama paradas. They hate the rain.
  11. jovanny

    10's Baby...Finally!!

    Street car takeover is a crazy weekend for street racing. As far as the tracks im not to sure , Maybe another oklahoma member may chine in
  12. jovanny

    10's Baby...Finally!!

    Post it on here if your ever in oklahoma , Plenty of fast sss here
  13. jovanny

    Omega Remote Start

    They sell a kit on ebay that allows you to use the oem remote , you need to tap in like 3 or 4 wires