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  1. Thanks again everybody... An update: The police report was filed the same day. Today, we found that the cameras didn't cover the area the truck was parked in, so nothing is on camera. There was no glass on the ground so we are guessing they punched in the lock. Also, OnStar can't do anything because a while ago they switched from analog to digital and my dad was pissed that he would have to pay $500 to upgrade his OnStar so he ended up not doing it right away, and everyone with older analog OnStar got deactivated. So far, no word from the police. We are already convinced the truck is long gone... If you love your SS I suggest activating OnStar or getting LoJack. Changing your door handles to keyless entry only. Install a very well hidden kill switch for the engine and turn it off every time you get out of your truck. And install a really sensitive aftermarket alarm. Anything to stop these low life pieces of sh!t from taking honest people's hard earned possessions.
  2. Thanks everyone... Forgot to add a better description. It's all black, basically stock. Not much to describe. Here is a picture of it to the left of my Z71. You can sort of see the Harley Davidson emblem on the trailer hitch. It also had a "Diamond Bar Choppers" red sticker on the back window.
  3. Today my dad's 2004 Silverado SS was stolen in Monrovia, California. It was parked across the street from a car dealership which is where he works. There might have been a camera pointing on it but we wont know if it caught anything until tomorrow. It was pretty much stock, so the only way to identify it is by the metal Harley Davidson emblem trailer hitch cover that was attached with a trailer hitch lock which will be hard for them to remove I think. If anyone has any information, we will reward you if we find it. Thanks.
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