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  1. I think what your going to find is unlike a SS most were used as intended and driven and not a garage queen. A year ago I found a nice crew GMC that was red with lower ish miles like 70k. You could tell it was owned by an old dude.... Had a canopy lol. You might want to consider looking at a Denali too but then you get AWD. I was hell bent on a 2wd as I didn't want the headaches of a AWD/4wd drive truck. That and I live in the south where I don't need it for bad weather. Keep looking and don't get to discouraged I sure one is out there just gotta find one that most likely an old dude had that didn't drive much. Use autotrader, car gurures and the like....

    only problem is that I'm not a big fan of the gmc I like the front end of the chevy and don't want to pay to change it all around
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