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  1. hvictor.crow

    DSC 0077

    Where did you get your Reps ?
  2. I have a problem. My engine light is on. Took it to Autozone and the code that comes up is a vacuum leak. Its the code that says it could be one or the other, your gas cap or a vacuum leak. Now I changed the gas cap had the light turned off. The light has come back on. Does anyone have a clue what the vacuum code could be under the hood?
  3. hvictor.crow

    2006 Intimidator

    Before and After Gallery. View pics for web address items found
  4. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!! This is a clone and a VERY BAD one at that. View my DEI SS if you wish and you will see the difference. DO NOT BUY THIS IS NOT A DEI SS SILVERADO !!!!
  5. Well Take them to your metal guy and let us know how much.... We need them and we need them yesterday. Thanks much bro.
  6. HEY! If anyone can come up with a way I can get the "Original Certificate" for my truck, I may just pay them for it. I am desperate!!

    1. NTMD8R_SS


      Good luck! I honestly think its impossible whitout finding the original owner and hoping they have the certificate.

    2. BLNAWAY


      There was a thread on here I think in the general SS section but not sure i think you can PM http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/user/21336-chevrolet-customer-service/ and they can get one for ya

  7. hvictor.crow


    OOOOooooooh, Check out the Sexxaayyy Bitch!!!! Man these trucks ARE BaD AsS BoW TiEs.
  8. I would really like to know where you got those Esclade lights. Your set up is awesome, I would like to do the same to mine. I'm looking on eBay but all I can find is those Projectors, I HATE THEM!!! You think you might want to share your secret? Thank you.
  9. I know you said this somewhere on the forum before but I cant seem to find where you said you got your front bottom spoiler. Didn't you say its off like a Taho or something? Im just wondering if you might remember the year, make and model it came off of so I can get one for my DEI Silverado. I would really appreciate it, thank you, Victor
  10. Want to meet up with some local SS owners Trailblazers or Silverados Bradenton Florida area.

  11. Do you have black shirts with the silver matalic writing?
  12. brackets are made by a guy here on the forum, and this is where i got them
  13. Semi tire tread was laying on the interstate. The car in front of me ran it over and it flipped up and took out the ducts and cracked that center grill. Waiting to make an appointment to have the dealer fix it. Thank God for $100 deductible. New ducts are coming a new grill and their going to paint the bumper. Second claim in less than 3 months. Im getting another truck for my daily driver.
  14. I have been looking for this lip. Where did you get it. I have an Intimidator SS and I think that would look really good. Thanx, Victor
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