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  1. yeah dont do it its a waste...
  2. cool so no prob lol... just the nasty sound..
  3. i guess this fits? its something similar to this http://www.ebay.com/itm/SLP-25-underdrive-crank-pulley-Camaro-Silverado-Sierra-Trailblazer-P-100230A-/271049992459?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f1bd6a90b&vxp=mtr
  4. okey i install some 302 40 to my 22s reps but when i do a fully turn they rub with the plastic fender any one with this problem??
  5. i need one i have my procharger in my garage waiting for a 80e
  6. Looks very cool con 2004s Now that is very played out
  7. they are good im from RGV and all the people have it no one has te oem .. they look very cool
  8. hey im from texas i want that seats .... any way you can ship ??
  9. they are 2´´ dropped all arround or just in the back???
  10. lol of course im gonna run it at the track lol but just in the shoot out`s just a pair of runs in a year
  11. i do not race and i dont have a heavy foot lol its just for show ... any way later i gnna upgrade the tranny thanks for the opinion guys
  12. i gna get a buil trans bro but i want to see what happens to de l60 cuz i dont use my truck for racing any way just having the money i upgrade the trans
  13. damm nice im gonna put it to see what happens lol
  14. yeah bro i gnna drop it and put some pirellis 305 or something i didnt change the tires cuz when i get the rims they have new tires thanks for the comments guys
  15. well i have a p1 sc and i want to put it in my truck but i talk with some tunners and they say youll need a built trans or a 80e anyone of this forum runnin a procharger on stock 4l60e
  16. thaanks for your comment bro and yeah i have it,, today i gnna put it lol and thanks for the comments guys
  17. lol yeah needs a drop but here in the valley all the ss clones are super low i want to do something diff i
  18. tomorrow are ready wooow cant wait needs a lil drop
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