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  1. I have a Flow Master Series 44 (or 40 I cant remember) but on long trips it gets pretty annoying. The drone is loud in the Crew Cab, but considering that the FM is right under the passenger back seat I get it. Ive heard that if you turn the exhaust a little it quiets it a little. Daily driving it isnt to bad, when I go home (houston) from Valdosta Ga about the time I get to Louisiana I want to shoot myself. Other than the drone, I love the sound of my FM
  2. Amsoil is the only way in my book.
  3. I love the wheels on those trucks. Im from south of Houston, and my Mom just bought a Texas Edition. I tried to talk her out of the wheels swapping her with my V-Max stock ones. Definately a no go, she likes them too.
  4. Yup mine does it every now and again too. From what I see on mine is the door button is sticking. It is the one that also tells the truck the door is open and shuts the radio off from the key off delay. I pushed the button in and it release, the radio went off.
  5. Nice Truck, and youre a homeboy. Im from the Dickinson/League City Area (grew up on Holland road where they just built the new outlet mall), but Im stationed in Ga at the moment.
  6. I while back ago it was asked that I post a picture of my 06 V-max. I finally got her cleaned up good enough for showing people. Here it is with my 2012 Street Glide.
  7. Ok bud, here is my 2 cents. I see that you are out serchingfor a girl, in my opinion and experience, its when you stop looking and get to be happy with yourself that a girll will come to you. I too am a nice guy, and had more than one chick bail on me because of it. Be patient, one will come to you. BUT, if youre not happy with yourself, you wont be happy with another.
  8. You should check out Ams Oil before you use Royal Purple. I use it in my Harleys, and Im about to put it in my V-Max. Supposed to cool the motor 30 degrees. A buddy of mine had his water pump go out in the dead of summer coming through Fl and his 350 never over heated using it. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Yea I'll get some pics up soon, its 330 am here and Im at work. Shes a mess right now, I really need to show her alot of love in the cleaning dept. Ive been away from home for about 2 months, and she needs a bath and a rub. McMahan, I was thinking of doing a Paint scheme very similar to that, keeping the lower part black with orange on top and a green pin stripe.
  10. Hey Guys. I have a 2006 V-Max, I purchased it in Aug of 09. I have only put a Flow Master Series 40 a duals on it so far. There is a list of mods I would like to do, so you will probably be hearing alot of questions from me in the future. I am from just south of Houston Tx, but currently live in Ga. Mike
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