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  1. Not the greatest pic. It's the digital controls though.
  2. A manometer is what you would use to check the delta. I'd have to find the data but usually no more than an 1"wc. Like the previous guy said the one that came with the truck is dialed in and probably the easiest way to check.
  3. Damn those explosion wheels are dope! Those Racelines seem like a similar positioning as TBSS wheels. Meaning that more of the wheel is in the well versus the explosion wheels with the lip. The TBSS's clear the z06 calipers easy. I can take a measurement on how much but I'm not sure if would be a good comparison. Sorry man. As far as the 305s, I agree, it's definitely bulging past the width of the wheel.
  4. I think it depends on where the center line is for offset. I could be talking out of my ass also. I do know that The Boss 330s have a +32mm offset and they dont clear because of their concave design. My TBSS factory reps clear with +22 offset. Hope that is helpful.
  5. Seen a nice red one Feb 3rd. Black ISS here. Passed by this great little town and saw you on Main st.
  6. The speedo says Z71!! He should have used some of those vinyl power adders on that..
  7. This has happened to me also. It's widely inconsistent for me so, I assume it has something to do with the sensitivity of the actual fuel pump.
  8. I didn't know that was an option! I'd gladly pay 25/year for this site!! This site has helped me countless times and of course the friends I've met!
  9. A_FUrious


    OEM mats are impossible to locate. I had a set made and had them embroider the logo on the mats. I believe that bowtie is a vinyl sticker over the standard black bowtie. Here is the part number for the mats.. gl! 19121623 SSI front mats
  10. So is the tow package just a sparkler or? Seems odd if they grinded to fit the drop..
  11. Swimwear.. is tight... and all up in the business.. just implying a double din radio will be like swimwear, you'll get it on/in but youll have to squeeze it in.. lol Pioneer Z130BT
  12. There are adapters. But if your are looking, Double Din radios fit. I have Pioneer BT130. It's tight, but it's in there like swimwear
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