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    Dual Ram-Air Hood, 408, Custom 4L80E, Multi Stage Vigilante Stall, Billet forward shaft and hub, Tru-Cool MAX trans cooler, Eaton E-Locker, LSXRT 102mm, LSXRT Fuel Rails, Seimens 80lb injectors, ProCharger D1SC, 90mm Trottle Body, X-link, Custom Cam, Custom 317's, 35% Driver/Passenger w/ 5% 3rd Doors and Rear, Alarm/ Remote Start, Kook's 1 3/4 LT Headers, 3" Exhaust, Badlanz Electronic Cutouts, Magnaflow DI/ DO w/ dumps, Smoked Escalade Headlight assemblies, Smoked Foglight assemblies, LED Smoked 3rd Brake light and Smoked LED Tail light assemblies w/ reverse LED's, 6 High conversion, 8000k Highs, Lows, and Fogs w/ turn signal switchbacks, and DRL LED's, BSER rollpan molded in, ARE Tonneau, 5 Piece Billet Grille Powder coated Black, Map/ Dome/ Courtesy/ Puddle Light LED's, SS Bowtie, TR6 Plugs, MSD wires, Stock Chrome 20's, Belltech Lowering Leafs and S/P Shocks on rear, Racetronix 410gph. (In progress wideband, boost guage, dyno tune, caltracs)

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  1. I do not need the centercap, just one 20” chrome oem rim, shipped to 77044.
  2. Whereabouts in Texas are you located?
  3. Where bouts you at in TX?
  4. Looking for an working x-link v2.1 in the houston area, i have the v4.0 and for whatever reason it causes problems but the 2.1 doesn't.
  5. 340 is rated up to 700hp at the fly, im over 6 at the tires, safe to say ive exceeded the pump lol, my profile has most of my mods listed...
  6. Lookin into the walbro, its more price friendly than a dual 340 setup
  7. Looking for info if anyone has ran into this problem... 408 with a D1 and aeromotive 340, 80# injectors, FAST rails.... Ive exceeded the capability of the pump to push enough gas.... At 4400 rpm the fuel starts droppin out, thus not allowing full potential
  8. Not a mech so my word isnt gold, but i literally watched my mech today drill a hole in my TB blade with a WTF are you doing look on my face, fixed the surges though.... Not running a Maggies but i am f/i with cam, heads, blah blah blah... Hope this helps, worst case youll just need a new blade
  9. USEFUL: if you are military and interested in getting the armor lock wheel locks contact them via email and theyll send you a code to put in, instead of paying $149+ shipping youll get them for $75 and free shipping, not sure if theyll do it for first responders/leo, worth a shot
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