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  1. Who owns a black SS in Huntsville AL non ss rims on it, at red stone

  2. CJ_978


    Want to sell her?
  3. Jesse I want to get rid of the Sierra I hate it lol, I'm def interested in the SS, I sent him a private message
  4. Hello everyone! Im back but still with no SSS :( I am on the hunt for one because my 15 Sierra doesn't cut it for me, and whoever knows me knows what color I want!

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    2. CJ_978


      You know it man

    3. Muggs


      Young kid has one here but don't think he wants to sell

    4. CJ_978


      Make him sell you and the boys at the club house go have a word with him! Lol

  5. i found my old SS for sale boy do i miss her =( http://nh.craigslist.org/cto/5357615937.html

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    2. jddmj


      Ah, its only money CJ.

    3. diggerdan11


      I know what that's like

    4. canadianVRss


      Moral of the story. Don't sell.

  6. you can get them pretty cheap online or even at a local autostore
  7. 05 Silverado SS, OEM grills , center caps are pending
  8. Since I don't have a SS anymore I don't need this stuff either Delphi 42lb injectors that I got from Nelson performance $150 shipped Stock 05 SS PCM $100 shipped Stock front bumper grill and brake duct grills $65 shipped 3 chrome center caps for SS wheels $50 shipped 1 blue SS flood light, 20$ shipped SOLD 2 magnaflow resonators $45 plus shipping for both SOLD I do have pics of everything soon request
  9. if you want to text me I can send you a vid of my old SS I had dynatech long tubes with magnaflow exhaust except mine wasn't dumped, just so you can get an idea of the sound
  10. yea hopefully but the older they get the harder its becoming...
  11. Nope that was a wasted 5 hour drive 1 way, the interior was chewed up and there were dings and deep scratches everywhere, guess the guy didn't know what a flaw was because there where so many and I pulled a CE code when I plugged the scanner into it
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