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  1. I know this has been beaten to death and I apologize in advance. But I have never lowered a truck. Lots of info out on the internet. I want to lower my ss awd 2 inches. Have it handle better and still be able to tow with it. I want to install rear air bags. I am not looking to take the cheap route. I want good quality stuff.
  2. Well i am ordering the shocks today then the idler arm and Pittman arm then alignment. Ill get back to you guys. Also the tires are in good shape. But they are winters.
  3. Yes stock height and stock 20 inch wheels. Truck sat higher in the front slightly when i got it so about 3 months ago i lowered it down half an inch to sit level i doubt that would be my problem since it rod fine after. Also i have checked the torsion bar mounts and they seem to be fine.
  4. So i am sick of my truck riding like shit. Truck just seems loose. Brought it to the shop. They checked it over and said the front end is tight. I have done left upper ball joint inner tie rods and all new shocks Monro mono tube shocks.Also changed the steering shaft. The shocks suck i am buying new ones. I am going to change the idler arm and Pittman arm when i do the new shocks. My question is? Has any one done the poly bushing up grade to the whole front suspension? How hard is it and did it tighten up the truck? My truck has 122k on it and I am sure the bushings have seen there better days. Any Input would be great. Ryan
  5. 2003 Silverado SS for sale 123k all stock except for a banks monster cat back exhaust. Good Running truck needs nothing. Many new parts. Just the normal stuff. I did do the front diff 5,000 miles ago with all gm parts. All fluids have been changed. Plugs water pump thermostat belts. All U-joints have been replaced. 6000k hids. Truck inside is in very good shape with minimal wear on the drivers seat. New heating elements on the drivers side seat and new bottom foam, and the passengers seat works like it should. Factory deck and speakers. All interior functions and lights work. Truck is in very very good shape for the year. No rust issues at all. $ 11,000
  6. I have a Healthy 2003 Silverado SS for sale. Lots of records all the normal stuff that goes wrong has been done on it. Goes great.
  7. I have a Healthy 2003 Silverado SS for sale. Lots of records all the normal stuff that goes wrong has been done on it. Goes great.
  8. Going to be buying a car with good gas mileage.At least it will keep the miles off the SS

  9. If you give me the Vin and the parts you need i can price them out for you. I work at a gm Dealer.
  10. I live in VT and yes i drive my truck in the salt some times but I oil my truck every year and i wash it 3-4 times a week. I could never do that to a SS its not meant for off roading at all. Your right its a truck but not one meant to be taken off road. Mud and a truck thats lowered and has 20s on it last i checked wasn't a good combo. Check this out i think this is worse Sand and paint go great together!
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