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  1. yes, I have a fm transmitter that works alright but the quality isnt quite as good as aux.
  2. Have any of you guys tried wiring up an aux input with the factory headunit? I tried a week ago or so to hook into the xm module with some wires an a 3.5mm input thing. There are writeups on youtube how to do it but for some reason mine isn't working. Just wandered if any of you have tried it? Thanks
  3. surfssup95

    Not Happy

    mine ran 14.4 @ 96 with a DA of 3300. it was 96degrees. mods are cam, intake, headers and tune.
  4. Ya, Ive only saw one that was running 8.5s in the eighth and he was spraying!
  5. Thanks guys! I have a circle D converter ordered to so that should wake it up!
  6. Ok, i went to that show an i have a small cam, 33inch tires. an headers boltons,boltons, and i ran 14.4 @96 in 95 degree temps. Track temp was 135degrees.. i guess i was a little dissapointed.. mayb i shouldnt be?!
  7. I don't have just lots of money,so looking for a good deal on some. Thanks.
  8. Yes those are EV6s. You'll need multec ll to EV6 adapters. I just cut and spliced EV6 ends onto my harness. Thanks for the reply, so either these http://www.racetronix.biz/itemdesc.asp?ic=IA-M2U&Tp= or these http://www.texas-speed.com/p-2164-racetronix-fuel-injector-uscar-ev6-pigtail.aspx
  9. My injectors were at 121% so i bought some slightly bigger ones. they are the 5.3 flex fuel injectors. ive tried researching which adaptors to get an havnt found an exact answer.. which injectors do they come with? The ones i bought are ev6 i believe.
  10. Dont tell me that the auto salvage yard ripped me off that bad! I had 2 with 40k on them and 2 with 130k on them.... gave them away basicaly
  11. Took 4 of mine into the scrap yard yesterday...
  12. What size stall would you get? im looking into 4.10s to.
  13. It was a midnight madness event, no timeslips
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