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  1. I dont know him at all. Just a fb page to sell stuff.
  2. Yeah pretty sweet deal. Last time i seen one for sale it was $3500
  3. Very very hard to find in this condition. I sold mine last year, but it wasnt in the condition yours is. Mine had michigan rust! Hense why i had to part ways. GLWS and you will miss it for awhile after its gone. I still miss mine and still think about it.
  4. TY. Im very happy with it. Its actually a 1 owner truck. Well taken care of.
  5. Lmk if interested i can message him
  6. thanks jason, they really didnt hold back with these denali's. Top notch truck. And i truley respect your opinions
  7. Thanks. Yeah ive lowered every truck ive owned. About 4 now! So im sure ill get the bug here soon. Usually do!!
  8. He found a blue bed. Not arrival but he got on the cladding it appears.
  9. Yeah real good guy. That corsa tip was also very lucky. Lol
  10. Man 1.5 inches is a very susbstantial lean. Something def. Aint right. Im not sure if id just tweak something to accomidate the sag. Id try and figure out why its doin it. Maybe a bad or worn out leaf spring, not sure if a worn out shock would make it sag that much. Like jcoss said maybe a torsion bar bolt fell all the way out
  11. Ive been in contact with the new owner of my old SS. I guess after i sold it to him he put it in a car show and took 1st place with my old truck in its class. Very happy about that, then it was in a wreck. Very hard to see after all the work i put into that beauty. But he has already got a new bed for it so she'll be back looking good soon. Just thought id share a picture of it.
  12. Yeah truck rides so good, even w/ the 24s. Goin back n forth wether to put a mild drop on her. And thanks for the opinions
  13. thanks. Prolly gonna get her lower to the ground
  14. thank you. I feel excited again! Havent felt this way since owning my SS.
  15. Hey guys, Been awhile since I been on. I lost my way for awhile dabbing in a few vehicles after I sold my SS. Ive always had a void since I sold my SS and nothing ever filled that void. I regret selling my SS. I REPEAT, I REGRET SELLING MY SS. Well I bought me a sierra denali. Its AWD w/ a 6.2L. She's a beast. bought her like this in the pic. Now its time to get my hands all over it. Not sure what I wanna do yet but I gotta few ideas going threw my head. Its not a SS but thought id share. I so miss all the good people on the site. Heres the new whip as it sits
  16. Man that's sweet. Your gonna have fun in that bad boy!
  17. Dam that's low! Looks good. Hows she ride?
  18. GLWS, Its a nice clean SS. I sold mine almost a month ago. It is hard selling your SS. I do plan on having another down the road.
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