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  1. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    I dont know him at all. Just a fb page to sell stuff.
  2. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    I do dont i?
  3. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    He not sure yet. Lol
  4. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    waiting on reply
  5. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    Yeah pretty sweet deal. Last time i seen one for sale it was $3500
  6. cmoney23

    It's time. 06 Black SSS up for sale

    Very very hard to find in this condition. I sold mine last year, but it wasnt in the condition yours is. Mine had michigan rust! Hense why i had to part ways. GLWS and you will miss it for awhile after its gone. I still miss mine and still think about it.
  7. cmoney23

    Hello again SS family! Gotta new truck

    TY. Im very happy with it. Its actually a 1 owner truck. Well taken care of.
  8. cmoney23

    $1,000 for a 6.0 motor

    Lmk if interested i can message him
  9. cmoney23

    Hello again SS family! Gotta new truck

    thanks jason, they really didnt hold back with these denali's. Top notch truck. And i truley respect your opinions
  10. cmoney23

    Hello again SS family! Gotta new truck

    Thanks. Yeah ive lowered every truck ive owned. About 4 now! So im sure ill get the bug here soon. Usually do!!
  11. cmoney23

    My old SS was in a wreck!

    He found a blue bed. Not arrival but he got on the cladding it appears.
  12. cmoney23

    My old SS was in a wreck!

    Yeah real good guy. That corsa tip was also very lucky. Lol
  13. cmoney23

    chevy lean My drivers side is too low

    Man 1.5 inches is a very susbstantial lean. Something def. Aint right. Im not sure if id just tweak something to accomidate the sag. Id try and figure out why its doin it. Maybe a bad or worn out leaf spring, not sure if a worn out shock would make it sag that much. Like jcoss said maybe a torsion bar bolt fell all the way out
  14. cmoney23

    New guy from Kansas City

    I like that, very sweet ride!
  15. Ive been in contact with the new owner of my old SS. I guess after i sold it to him he put it in a car show and took 1st place with my old truck in its class. Very happy about that, then it was in a wreck. Very hard to see after all the work i put into that beauty. But he has already got a new bed for it so she'll be back looking good soon. Just thought id share a picture of it.