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  1. I have one on my 6.2 denali and really like it, power is instant and keeps pulling to the rev limit. just accelerating very gently from a stop light its already making boost. My only complaint is its too quiet Some might like that, and to be honest Im starting to as well, after always driving my Procharged SSS.
  2. THANK YOU!! reading all this ive been laughing my ass off and shouting this exact statement at the screen!
  3. well bad news, drove her today and its still having all the symptoms as before. I'm at a loss as to where to check next, I really don't wanna do a compression test because the procharger makes it a major pain in the ass, but I guess I will just have to man up and get my hands a bit dirty. I am just really doubting its the rings because the truck isnt down on power at all and I just had the heads off and all the cylinders where in good shape.
  4. Pulled off the valve cover today and cleaned out the fitting, wasn't totally blocked off but flows better now after some carb cleaner and shop air. Will drive it tomorrow, hopefully it did the trick, stay tuned for updates.
  5. I think mine must be built into the valve cover because there is nothing in-line, I will try cleaning it out like discussed in the second link. Thanks a bunch guys!!
  6. So my truck just recently started consuming oil and spraying out the dipstick? I did some research and figured it was a bad PCV valve, but both part stores I went to say my truck doesn't have one? Is it different on an 05? I pulled the vacuum line off from the intake to back of driver side valve cover, and tried to pull the barbed fitting of the valve cover (the part I thought was the pcv valve) but it doesn't seem to wanna budge its like its just part of the valve cover. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. yeah race city closed down a bit ago, I've heard that there building something new out by Airdrie but I can neither confirm or deny it.
  8. Fair share of rice down here in Calgary too. Its to bad on Sunday I rolled up beside a wicked looking tbss at some lights we were both first at the lights, the guy looking like he was down to race, but it was like the second time driving the truck since the fix and I didn't wanna push it hard just yet. This weekend tho I'm gonna take it for one hell of a joy ride looking forward to it!
  9. Thanks! I was on a freaking mission, From the second seeing that white smoke I think I had it ripped apart and heads off in like 4 hours haha. This is defiantly the most in depth repair I've ever done, but pretty much if you've got the tools and a bit of experience wrenching I would say pretty much any one could tackle it. I changing the oil once again today and now there is pretty much zero coolant mixed in, going to do it one more time this week with whatever oils on sale, then one last time with a new mobile 1 filter and some mobile 1 synthetic. That will be about 5 oil changes in 1 week so the truck should be happy haha
  10. Well she's back on the road boys!!! Good as new, fixed a few other odds and ends while I was in there, and now its running great. Going to change the oil a few more times over the next few weeks just to make sure all the coolant is out. took me about 20 hours to complete. It would have gone faster but I spent a lot of time cleaning everything before it went back together. looking forward to another 100 000 miles in my SS!!
  11. Bit of an update, Got it all back together today after getting a few issues worked out, Just gotta fill the coolant tomorrow and go get some oil then I will be ready to turn the key!! God I hope I did everything right haha
  12. Castrol Syntec, with wix filters always
  13. Im in the landscaping business and its looking like rain on Thursday, I hope it does and my parts arrive by then. It would be sweet if I could be cruising again by the weekend! I will keep this thread updated and hopefully post some pics once I get some time.
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