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  1. What ProCharger are you going with and what Pulley size? I'm runnning a P1 with a 3.2 pulley
  2. Truck is in the shop getting the trans rebuilt. It's something internal. Hooked it up to HP tuners and was commanding it to shift and nothing theres more $$$$$ this thing is gonna be brand new front to back when its all said and done
  3. I'm using Diamond FI pistons in my 370. That P1 is going to make boost but it won't be much on a 408. Probably be better with an F1 or a turbo setup if you're staying FI. All motor setups are good too. Just my .02
  4. I'MMMMMMMMMMMM BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got my truck back. it runs great but having transmission issues. (posted in Trans section) Build stats: lq4 .030 over stock crank SCAT rods Diamond FI Pistons Total Seal rings with steel upper custom grind cam trunion upgrade PAC springs retainers Heads are still 317's with ARP studs TBSS intake OBX LT plus more. I don't have any pics saved on the computer but when I do I'll post them CR is 8.99-1
  5. Hey guys ive been off here for a long time. Been through a divorce, The LQ9 didn't like the boost i was throwing at it and decided to be a maraca instead. Well After almost 2 years I got my truck back from the builder. The truck runs fine and ran pretty good. there was an issue with the shift cable that happened at the builders. the tab on the cable broke and wouldn't allow you to find park. It still drove fine. I was out for a short drive and on my way home the truck quit shifting into everything but 1,R. I made it home after a while and parked the truck. I installed a new cable and the adjustment seems to be right. So here's the issue and the question. After messing with things more, the trans will sometimes find 1-2-3, but then sometimes it will fall out of 3rd and go to second. The transmission was scanned using a Snap-On Solstice Ultra, and no codes were found in the trans at all. The fluid isn't burnt either. Does anyone have some addition trouble shooting advise? I was thinking about unhooking the cable from the transmission and just using the lever on the trans to shift it into drive and see how that goes. Mod to the trans are TransGo HD2 shift kit, corvette servos, large add on trans cooler and a 3200 stall. If you need to know its a 2003 SSS AWD with the 4l65e
  6. Decided to build a 370. Stock crank, scat rods, king bearings, diamond FI pistons, custom grind cam, melting oil pump, trunion up grade, PAC springs, and all of the other goodies I had before. Stay tuned for updates after the engine is together
  7. Well another SS down! Been down for a couple weeks now. I've had alot going on over the past couple months. Seems like #6 rod went out. I'm looking at my options for my budget.
  8. Thats a little high but not too bad of a price. T
  9. Depends on if you want to stay NA or boost in the future
  10. Yea the last couple cars I killed didn't do anything either. Maybe because they are so butt hurt they got owned by a truck!!!!!!!!!! lol
  11. lol My truck still need some more fine tuning, but I do hold my own on the street. Hopefully next weekend i can make a few passes down the 1320 and post up some proof of how well my truck runs.
  12. Looking for a used LS2 TB. Let me know what you have for sale and how much. Thanks
  13. Updated the tune file from Zippy and the truck is running better. I also got my hood painted and installed on tuesday.
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