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  1. Don't know where in Cali you are, but SS Motorsports in Simi Valley does good work Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. Trying two win this contest at work for a GoPro. All you have to do is like the photo. if you can also share it great, if not that's cool too. Picture is of a chicken looking animal.(trying to win with the dumbest picture to make everyone mad) Thanks in advance for those who help. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1836057126628514&set=o.306991272767346&type=3
  3. Haha thanks bro, and its DJM upper and lower control arms with drop keys slightly turned up for the front and a belltech flipkit with their c-notch and a DJM lifting shackle in the rear. Also belltech sp shocks all around, with 285/35/22 nitto 420s
  4. ride is surprisingly good. Turning radius is not as good any more,but thats because i went with a wide tire and rim. I do have to be more careful and look out for dips, but overall i'm happy. I will be getting helper bags in the rear because i still want to use the truck as a truck, but i'm trying to get a CTS-V right now, so I'm saving for that.
  5. No, but there was a car to the side of me so that's probably why
  6. Rear fenders were cut and front rubs at full lock, but it's worth it
  7. Thanks guys and I think I saw you on Saturday bro. You were in the Jack in the Box drive thru or at least it looked like your truck
  8. By any chance do you know if they fit with DJM upper and lower control arms?
  9. Lowered it 3.5/5, was 4/6 in most of the pics, but had to lift it up it was too damn low. Truck is going to the paint shop in a few weeks to get the bumpers and hood resprayed. Now i just need a big brake kit. Exhaust is now dumped behind the rear axle, so no more cowboy pipes
  10. 22x10 with the proper offset to tuck inside the rear fenders. 20s look too small in my opinion. Also just noticed you guys are located in the City of Commerce. I'm in Long Beach in case you need to take measurements.
  11. Belltech flip kit with their c notch out back and djm lower and upper control arms with a 1" torsion key drop
  12. What about the rear? I know your only lowered 5" in the back but does it look like the reps will tuck without rolling your fenders
  13. Do you know if the 285 will tuck or will I have to roll the fenders? Still debating between ss reps 22x10 and dub ballers 22x9.5
  14. I was thinking of running a 285/35/22 or 285/40/22. I know some run a 265/35/22 but the tire seems too small for me. Thanks in advance
  15. Red is all that matters whether it 2wd or AWD
  16. That's angrygreg's interior http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/garage/vehicle/216-angrygreg/?tab=images
  17. Anything forged is gonna be big money. I got a quote from HRE and it was like 7k. The best wheels seem to be either reps or some of the DUB wheels. I like the futures and ballers the best.
  18. What's the guys number I'll ask him how much
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