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  1. I bought this Vmax last year, repo deal. The throttle/power is very touchy when taking off from a dead stop when driving normal, this beotch wants to go... (yeah I know, I drive normal sometimes). It took some getting use to... I drive my friends 5.3, its a dog with the same peddle movement, (no he won't race me) . It almost seems I have a tune or something, how would I tell?
  2. Ha, you got that right! Don't think it hasnt crossed my mind... Its already a tire smoker... I had to sell my Camaro because I kept getting in trouble..
  3. I'm not sure what filter was on there, I had just purchased the truck( I had it just a few months). The filter may have restricted the oil a little too much huh? Well so far is has been fine and on the 2nd oil change of the Mobil One. Going to put the 6.0 to the test tomorrow. Hauling the atv's to the Cali sand dunes from Dallas, about a 3000 mile round trip.
  4. Update, I changed the oil to Mobil One and Mobil One filter and the seemingly lifter ticks at startup went away. Just thought I would share that.
  5. You can do a vin decode yourself. Google it.
  6. I do believe mine has the afm. Switching to V4?
  7. I will try to get a video. Its so seldom it will be difficult. Piston slap? That sounds like an engine death sentence... Although it sounds like a lifter/ rocker tick to me, but I'm far from an expert.
  8. I dumped my diesel recently and got this 1500 with some balls. As soon as I get some research done, it won't be stock for long. I've been wanting a tire burner for a long time. I'll get some pics up soon.
  9. I'll be towing a fair amount with mine, 3000 - 6000lbs. My trailer brake controler finally showed up today. I've only towed 3000lbs so far and as long as there wasn't a nasty head wind I couldn't tell it was back there.
  10. When I start my truck sometimes I here a lifter being a little lazy for a bit, it ticks for 15-20 seconds. So it sounds like it needs new lifters. If I do that I should go ahead and have a cam put in. Is there a shop in the Dallas area that can do that for me? I don't think I want a dealership doing that for me.
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