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  1. Found this over at SlickDeals. Advance Auto has Gold Cap Mobile 1 (5 qrts) and Mobile 1 filter for $27 bucks. I just changed my oil with regular M1 & filter and it was $40. Buy another quart and your good to go. That's almost $20 off when you use the Gold cap M1. Extended Performance M1 and Filter for $27
  2. No one's heard one because they don't exsist. A figment on JL's imagination. No seriously, I believe they just started shipping. It's been a long time coming.... They do look very interesting, and I have come up with a dozen different uses, just got to get my hands on one.
  3. warhawk and COD4 name: wikedc5
  4. I still question some of his wash techniques and choice of wash spounge. But hey, heys makin' the big bucks and he has clients...
  5. Ask Zippy on this one, but make sure you replace the accumulator piston with a metal one. I found the weak spot the hard way... BTW, my shift kit and stall has over 50k miles on it...
  6. Different, things have been very different.... Job elimination, selling the house in a poor market, etc. Things are getting a little better, new job, seeing more offers on the house, etc. The Mallett is tucked away, 200 miles from me, helps me resist the urge on a nice day The truck needs a little love and it's been neglected for awhile. Thoughts of selling it have been in my mind, mainly because of the mileage with the new job. However, it needs new shoes and 20's are about the same as 22's, just have to shell out for wheels. The more I look at the stock wheels, the more I l
  7. Hey guys, the shoes are almost gone on the SSS. It's been awhile since I've been here, and the search function is still as good as always. I'm looking for OE repros in 22" with 305/40/22's. I want to get an idea of profile and side wall height to see if I really like it or not. I've seen other 22" wheels and tire combo's, but certain rims make the profile look differently. Any help? Thanks, Jason
  8. I''ve had experience with all three, Edit, Live, & HPT. I prefer Live....
  9. Tough teaching an ol' dog new tricks, isn't it....
  10. If he's allowed to do that, then the system is corrupt enough to back him up. To bad you didn't have video of this. Rest easy, they're not all like this. Sounds like a full blown power tripper though. Just be glad he didn't get trigger happy. As upset as you were, it's best to keep your cool and file a report later. It could have turned real ugly fast.
  11. Trying soon????? Do you need some help Jr.? Do I need to come out there and show you. Surly you've seen it on TV before... Maybe we need an intervention of sorts. Well, if your ditching the SSS for a 68-72 truck, I can't blame you at all. I have my 72' from before I turned 16. We took the truck apart, and well, it still is. But some day.... Good luck on all aspects. Hopefully soon, it will be congradulations. BTW, going to CES?
  12. Our store now carries XM radio too. Due to how the boss has a few things configured, we are forced to listen to XM. Today, after about the 5th minute of solid talking by the idiot DJ on "The Squizz", I just shut it off..... I logged on to Sirius web, and listed to Octane through the computer. So much better..... I don't remember XM being that bad a year ago when I had it. I'd rather listen to the local rock stations than The Squizz now. That's how bad it was.
  13. I just used a regular 12pt socket too. So, what are you up to?????
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