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  1. monster1213

    NNBS Intake Manifold, LS3 tb, X-link $550 shipped

    Bump. $550 shipped
  2. 2010+ NNBS intake manifold comes as shown in pics with rails, flex fuel injectors, map sensor, evap solenoid and PCV fitting/tube. Ported LS3 throttle body (gold blade obviously) X-link (newer version that works with gold-blade) Asking $550 shipped. Would really like to sell as a package. PM me or text (7one7) 636-2937
  3. monster1213

    Not a bad Tow Rig

    I'm originally from central PA. Just returning finally after 9 years in the Navy. I'm moving back to a small town about 30 miles north of Harrisburg. Thanks! I will shoot you a PM too
  4. monster1213

    Not a bad Tow Rig

    Oh the SS sedan is unbelievable. It's an absolute race car when you want it to be, but has enough comfort and bells and whistles to keep you satisfied. Mine is a manual trans, so it makes it even more fun to haul the mail!
  5. monster1213

    Not a bad Tow Rig

    In the middle of moving from VA to PA and decided to let the Silverado SS do truck stuff. Definitely didn't build her as a tow vehicle, see mods in sig. But she surprised me the whole 350 miles and averaged 12 mpg towing around 6,000 lbs. Yes, that's my Chevy SS grocery getter too!
  6. monster1213

    Occasional really low idle

    You don't have a ton of mods to point the finger at. I would check/clean the MAF too.
  7. monster1213

    Cam/Headers/Efan Suggestions

    Brian Tooley Racing seems to have built a pretty legit reputation in the LS world. As you can see in my sig, that's what I went with for my recent build. Fair prices, one stop shop for all your engine hardware, and great customer service. I'm not preaching BTR, just expressing my good interaction with them.
  8. monster1213

    Tbss intake

    I'm assuming the LS2 injectors are a higher flow rating than what your truck is currently tuned for? Personally, there's no way I'd drive 50 miles with different injectors. Could cause a lean condition that would result in some for engine damage. Just speculation, why don't you call your tuner and ask him?
  9. monster1213

    Cam/Headers/Efan Suggestions

    Although not a very high lift cam, I'd look into installing hardened pushrods while you're in there. And for that cam, I think you'd also benefit from a higher stall torque converter (3000 stall range?) E fans, keep it simple/reliable and pick up a set of 05+ Silverado/SUV from eBay or your local scrap yard. They're a direct fit to your radiator. You'll need an e fan wiring harness too. Sounds like a solid build plan.
  10. monster1213

    Tbss intake silver blade or gold blade

    When these intake swaps first started, people were only looking for silver blades because gold blades were being difficult and giving some people 'reduced engine power' issues. From my understanding, the issue has been fixed with the correct version of X-link they now offer. Color doesn't matter, 90 mm is 90 mm. And the ls7 is the exact same throttle body as LS2 (silver blade) and LS3 (gold blade). If you're interested in saving money, buy the cheapest one of the bunch (LS3 gold blade) and use the appropriate x-link.
  11. Sorry boss, haven't heard of anyone using the vortech on our trucks and your fitment issues may be the reason why. Good luck with the build. Sounds like youre headed in the right direction though and let us know when you get her bolted up.
  12. monster1213

    4 bolt or 2 bolt crank

    Are you referring to crank bearing main caps? The SSS has an LQ9 engine and uses 6 bolts per bearing cap, the same as other LS engines.
  13. monster1213

    Tbss intake

    There's an NNBS intake complete with rails and injectors for sale on perftrucks forum if you're interested https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-parts-classifieds-23/nnbs-intake-0821-ported-799-heads-549964/
  14. monster1213

    The Official L.E.D. How To Guide

    I just completed a full LED install (minus the cluster which was previously done) a few weeks ago. Wasn't too hard at all, just very time consuming. Let me know if you're trying to tackle this and need some pointers or what to buy and how to do install and I should be able to help you.
  15. ^^^^Same. Mobil 1 in diffs, autotrak II in transfer case