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  1. Thanks for the reply. I bought Oem.
  2. Does anyone know what series and part #s are preferred for the Bilsteins? I have an 03 SS and want to keep stock ride height. Thanks
  3. That's about as far as my artistic abilities go. Basic planets. I guess a motivating factor was a black background. Makes for a good "Space".
  4. The meaning? For me, a day of messing around in my paint booth 10 years ago. But also to hear and see all the responses about it. Just like yours
  5. The planets I painted on my tailgate.
  6. I like that Ridetech suspension. Thanks for the info
  7. Good to know. Thanks. I do like the stock ride height but will also consider the 2" drop I have read about on here. Maybe even go with a 22" wheel.
  8. Thanks, a guy at my local Off Road Warehouse mentioned about the SS dropped on bags. So not the AWD ok. I wouldn't want to have bags only in the back. I was wanting the front and rear to work together.
  9. What are the preferred choices for air bags as I want to be able to drop it down occasionally. Im painting my 03 SS blue/black 2 tone w/ a 1/4 inch silver separation stripe ( Im an auto Painter) in a few months and the bags will enhance the look. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm from Simi Valley. The beach is nice in Ventura. Enjoy Man!
  11. Welcome, I put new plugs in a 80k. Replace the radiator coolant at 105k blacky
  12. Thanks, Correction: Make that JBA Headers (not JRB)
  13. Thanks for the welcome, My hometown is Ventura county , but have been in San Diego for 15 years. Downtown I bought the truck in 2006 with 38,000 miles on it. I now have 118,700. I take good care of it, put mobile one in it every 5,000 or so and have the transmission fluid changed every 35,000. Differential oil has been changed along with transfer case oil and have had the radiator fluid changed. I am an auto painter and put the sun and planets on the tailgate while playing around one day. I restore cars and also paint machinery. The truck has JRB headers with the pipes routed out the right side in front of the rear tire. (courtesy of previous owner) Volant air intake with K&N, Crane cams chip, Leer cover with bedrug, Billet grille and fog lamp covers, gas cap cover and billet bedlamp cover. I enjoy looking at some other cool SS trucks on here. blacky
  14. and the other. Having a hard time fitting the pictures in.
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