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  1. Just went down in price from $89,000 to $69,000. Maybe in couple more days.. Below $50K.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-SLT/183184343793?hash=item2aa6a342f1:g:rxsAAOSwA-1a1tsH&vxp=mtr
  3. Im wondering is there a sure fire way to know if your buying a SS model. I know on the 94-96 Impala SS you can not tell by the VIN number you have to look for the (WX3) SPID code on the trunk lid to know for sure it is a true impala SS. Does the Silverado SS have a simular way? I have heard people say look for the N in the VIN number. Here is VIN for a "SS" Im looking to buy.... VIN: 2GCEK19N841187728 It has its N but carfax says it is a Silverador K1500. Thanks
  4. Cool, thanks for the info Mass, I definitely want an AWD model. What are the problems with the trannys then? Do they go out after 100K? Do the SS's use the 4L80E?
  5. Hello everyone.... Im a defense contractor working in Iraq.. looking to buy a SS when I get back to the States in a month or so. Is it possible to find a good quality SS for around 13-16 grand? Any known problems to look out for when buying? Which is the preferred year of SS to buy? Im looking to use this truck to tow my 95 Impala SS drag and show car. Thanks.
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