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  1. Can some one help me out possibly? I am very interested in the kmc skitch wheels the company's are telling me that for an 06 Silverado the fitment calls for the low offset (+15). I plan on dropping the truck so would the high offset +35 be better? Which do you recommend. Thanks
  2. Hi I have a 2006 silverado Lt 2wd I am going to purchase the 22"x9.5 with a 40mm offset boss 313. Does anyone run 305/45/22 tires on these rims? I have seen the ss trucks running them but not certain if they will work for me. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. http://delaware.craigslist.org/pts/4277351228.html
  4. There is one on Craigslist in Dover de. It came off a 06 ss with only 500 miles on the exhaust. He is asking $100
  5. dardy


  6. Damn I guess I do have them then. Because I do have the 2 little ones before the main cats.
  7. I have a 06 Silverado 1500 Lt with the 6.0 vmax. The truck has been acting stupid and miss firing lately so I'm going to get my cats checked. The local exhaust shop says that he believes they have California emissions cats on there and says it will be around $900 to replace them if in fact they are both bad. Do I have to put the same ones back on there if I live in Delaware? Stupid question I'm sure but he says he has to. Thanks
  8. Fire I was from laurel but somehow got suckered to move to dover when I got married
  9. i have a 06 silverado 1500 vmax i beleive its a lt. my question is it has a dual in dual out gibson exhaust system. I was wanting to purchase another exhaust kit but all that i can find for it is single in dual out is this what the truck originally came with? Or was it single in single out? Also where does everyone do there exhaust shopping? Thanks
  10. well im not sure what you use for used car values but kellys blue book has it listed if you purchase it from a dealer at $19,700 so i dont think 18,000 was to bad. But to each his own i thought it was worth it and gas mileage is a hell of alot better than that lifted dodge i traded in on it.
  11. Yes they are flat with the flared edge. I found the truck in diver delaware It has 43000 miles cai and rear air bag helpers for towing. I paid 18000 for it I think it was a fair price but I couldn't let anyone else get it I had to have it.
  12. Lol thanks for all the help guys. I didn't miss the vmax badge I was told by the dealer that it was a ss because that's what the paper work said. Also I have never owned a ss and my previous truck I debadged so I just figured the previous owner may have. But I love it that's all the matters
  13. It must not be one then but its a sweet truck and it looks identical to one so im happy
  14. Its 2wd and the eight character in the vin is an n. The color is speedway white But the option wasn't there when I signed up. It is extended cab but it didn't have the ram air it has fog lights and it has no emblems. The owners manual only says silverado so im just trying to make sure.
  15. Hi I just purchased a 2006 silverado ss with a vortex max. The dealer Said it was a ss but there is not any ss emblems and it has fog lights instead of ram air. it looks just like my buddys truck who has a ss but I was just curious if they come without ram air. Thanks
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