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  1. Finally looking to upgrade the stock brakes on my 2004 SS. Was talking to the tech at Wilwood and he wasn't sure that their front kit (140-13876-R) would fit because of the AWD of the SS. Anyone upgraded their SS with Wilwood brakes and knows it works? Thanks in advance... https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitsProdFront?itemno=140-13876-R&year=2004&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado+1500+Pickup&option=6+Lug+-+4+x+4+w%2f+OE+HD+2+Piston+Rear+Brake
  2. I did put one of those thick rubber bed liners in back when I bought it....kept me from burning my bare feet when I washed the roof of the cab during those hot summer days here in NC :-) John...no kids to leave it to...getting ready to retire so thinking about letting all the toys go. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  3. Hey fellow SS fans, I have been approached about selling my 2004 Silverado truck. I am the original owner and the truck has under 13K miles. It is as purchased with no mods. Garage kept its entire life...never damaged. I am looking for feedback/opinions on market value and suggestions for place to potentially sell this vehicle if this local sale does not happen. Thanks for any help regarding this matter.
  4. Sounds good! Only one thing I have less miles on than my truck and that is my bike. Bought it new in 2001 and have 4500 miles on it. 6000 hrs of polishing and 200 hrs of riding.
  5. Springer, That could have been me..... About the Harley....... Great minds think alike......
  6. There are a few pics in my Gallery. Still trying to find out how to post pics in the forum.
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  8. I do live near Crabtree and have had the truck out this past week cause the BMW water pump S.T.B. but I can't remember if I went to the Mall. If you spoke to the guy....it wasn't me. I'd remember that. Is the SSSpringer reference to a Harley springer?
  9. Thanks...but I'll bet there is a bigger tweak than me out there with a brand new one sitting up on blocks. My wife thinks I'm the only guy out there with a truck that is a garage queen....little does she know. You don't drive that in those harsh New England winters...do you? I was born in Methuen......
  10. Hey, Just stumbled across this forum last night for the first time. Who Knew! I am the original owner of a 2004 Silverado SS in Arrival Blue with grey interior. Just turned 10K miles this year and hated to see it hit 5 digits Can't wait to look around but thought I would say Hi first. Mayhem
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