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  1. All the above, but do the drop first!
  2. That looks sharp, very nice bro!
  3. AWESOME, that's show room clean!
  4. That's a nice truck bro!!
  5. When you get ready lets us know cause we get a few for sale here in Abilene sometimes and its about 4 hours or so drive from ya!
  6. Can't lose either way, both look good, stock or painted, but if it was me I would leave it Stock cause it does make our trucks standout!
  7. Clean truck, very nice!
  8. That look is wrong in so many ways. It's a Chevy not a Dodge!
  9. Seen a snake before but this is a first lol!
  10. Victory Red 03 here also in West Texas
  11. Thanks guys, should have done this longtime ago but hey I did it now so it's all good!
  12. Well been here for a while about a year reading and wanted to finally say hello, I'm in Texas and have a 03 Red Sss, no major mods just CAI and exhaust( Wheatley tune in my future). Wanted to also say thanks for all the great reads and tech this site rocks!!!
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