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  1. I still log in occasionally but I got rid of my truck a little over a year ago.
  2. Will anyone be going up tonight? I will be heading up in the G8 or the TBSS.
  3. On the WWII i got a 9/10 also. I missed the total losses question. As for the weapons quiz it crashed on me an never finished.
  4. I used mine all the time. I kept the compressor, tire plug kit, breaker bar,socket and torque wrench in mine. Also stored the umbrella for the wife. And when we were travelling I locked up the laptop in there. It was very usefull.
  5. http://www.leftlanenews.com/pontiac-g8-to-...-commodore.html It could come back as a chevy with the posibility as a police car.
  6. It used to be the 04 SS and an 03 Tracker for my wife. Now it is 06 TBSS and 09 G8 GT
  7. So is anyone heading up to the mills this weekend? I no longer have my truck but might go up if others are going and I can make it. Also Anyone planning on going to prp anytime soon? I see they are starting Wed night tnt on the 6th.
  8. I ended up trading my dad for a 06 TBSS. He was getting a 09 ltz 4x4 and traded the SSS in on that. The dealer gave a nice trade value so I eneded up with a vehicle that has 30k+ less miles and is almost a full second quicker in th 1/4 than my 04 SS.
  9. not for me but I know my daughter would love it.
  10. I have run near identical times with the vararam vr-6 and the volant with the down tube. Volant does look better out of the two.
  11. Nevermind. It has been traded in. I got close enough to what I wanted for a trade so it is gone.
  12. For sale: 2004 arrival blue for $15,000 Mileage: 54,482 Location: Pittsburgh Pa area towing pkg, xm , onstar (original not upgraded to digital) so it might be useless. magnaflow 15840 no tips, volant cai with tube (filter currently needs cleaned), pcm tune. (all on since middle of 2005) Also have stock cat back(all in one piece) and air intake available. soft tonneau, husky mud flaps A few minor scratches and nicks as a daily driver would have but no dings or dents. Rubber mat in bed and bed has been used to haul so there are scratches on the inside of the bed. Will provide pictures if someone is really interested.
  13. While on the phone with one of the major cai companies they said that they do use WD-40. When asking them about waht i could use on their filters he told me, "We use that expensvie stuff in the blue and yellow can..... wd-40". I was told that the red for the k&n and the blue for the volant are dyed so that you can see where you already covered.
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