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  1. Just starting to look at some upgrades on my 05 SSS AWD.  Where abouts in MN are you? I am in the northern suburbs and would like to meet up with the nicer weather coming.  Let me know if that would work for you.

  2. If only the SS was black, don't see it on a Silver Birch. Good luck, it will be killer on the right truck.
  3. I am game, Duluth area would work well as my son has the truck at UMD.
  4. Good luck with the shop, will have to swing by and check it out as you are only 5 miles away or so.
  5. I am in, still wear one that I picked up a year or two ago. Any pix of the design? Maybe add a pole to it to find the interest level, might help push approval.
  6. Sound good, a little hard to tell on my iPad as it couldn't hit the lows. My mirror fell off in my Acura from too much bump.
  7. Looks great, have fun with the clay......did mine 2 weeks ago with Adam's 2 step polish. Long 2 days, but rained on it before I got it out of garage for pix. Oh well it is ready for winter.
  8. Congrats and thanks for sharing, looks like a good time.
  9. Give it try the cost is minimal, the amp should take the full feed and do a low pass filter,with gain adjustment so the sound can be dialed in the way you like it. I had a slightly newer version of the amp in an 01 extended cab Z71 and it did well for what you are describing you want. The 8" will give a full sound just won't hit real deep. Good luck with the install.
  10. Did you raise the seat to fit them under? I had trouble squeezing in Boston 12" G3's. I was going to recommend the JL Stealthbox that goes in the bottom of console, they sound great just not cheap. http://www.jlaudio.com/car-audio-stealthbox-chevrolet-silverado-chevrolet-gmc-full-size-suv-03-06-trucks-03-07
  11. I did a similar scheme on my SSS, the Silver Birch alone just didn't look that great to me.
  12. Hard to tell from the video, I would try a battery charger on a medium rate overnight to fully charge the battery then take it to an autozone that can load test the battery and electrically test the alternator. Check the pulleys as recommended above, could be part of the problem, but wouldn't think it would stop the charge process all together. Good luck, hopefully you have the weekend to work on it.
  13. I was looking at heading up, but it is Hay Days same weekend. I volunteered to work it last year so I have to stay with the commit. Hope the weather is good and you can enjoy the show & get a few runs in.
  14. I vote battery, when running what does the volt meter say in the dash? Should be about 14 when the truck is running.
  15. I would agree Apple all the way, if the new mini has a Retina class display it will be perfect.
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