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  1. the idler arm it was man thanks.
  2. threw on the new lip and plasti dipped the wheels to see how they would look.
  3. thanks guys appreciate the help.
  4. so my truck is an 03 ss and it has about 110k miles feel to just keep getting worse and worse so when i drive it at first it starts to get a very bad shake in the front end and if i step on the brakes it just gets worse so i have to give more gas and it seems to have less shake in the steering wheel it does it for a little bit seems just like when the vehicle is cold then i drive it for a little and it goes away cant figure it out ive lowered the truck about 3/4 just did keys in the front and the insides of my tries are getting chewed up but its been slammed for like 1 year now but could that be the problem ? and would anyone happen to know of a camber kit of some sort for our trucks im almost 3 degrees off when i went for an alignment and the adjustments are maxed out please help.
  5. i did the djm drop keys and shackles 2/2 cranked the keys in the front quite a bit and in the the rear i also bought 2 inch drop hangers on top of the shackles and took out the overloads.
  6. yeah there pritty clean huh i traded the stock ones in for em but im super tired of the black/chrome im trying to find a set of full chrome with the same style. and thanks man.
  7. hell yeah i think i know who you bought ur ss from a while ago i raced it on academy and got smoked, and your s10 i saw that thing quite a bit of times to sounded dope man.
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