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  1. zippy! he's busy as hell but always gets back to me fast. tunes are always spot on and if I have a problem he will fix it for me. for the small fee he charges, the endless help he provides is priceless honestly. without him I wouldn't be able to have finished my 80e swap. great guy
  2. Zach ran an 80e with his blower and got better mileage than I did with my 65e and cam and stall.. And he had a higher stall.. Maybe it's the way I drive though.. By the looks of the output shaft I think so lol. Also I'm going with a Tcs converter everybody. Have heard nothing but good experiences from them and for the price you can't beat it. Can't wait to get it on the road?
  3. I'm going to discuss all this with Dan tonight and then decide on what converter to go with. 80e swap is underway now. There's another converter company I have in mind now thanks to a few people but we will see what works for me. Ill let you guys know as it goes!
  4. I've never heard anybody say stay away from yank! I want to know why also... The circle d is just a rebuilt/re stalled core and the yank is a billet 9.5 converter.. I had my mind set on the yank unless you have a valid argument! Lol and yeah I've trashed the stock 65e and two built 65s...
  5. They really should've put an 80e in these things.. Everybody I know with a 60e has to rebuild it at least twice lol.
  6. Tried confronting them about it.. It's a local shop here in east Texas that is one of the few shops that does good work, their argument is that everything they installed is still fine. Doing an 80e swap now though so don't have to worry about it anymore! The shop is charging me for just parts on it and helping me out so it's not too bad. Now just to decide between yank ss3200 or circle d 3200.. I know the yank is better but the circle d is cheaper! Lol. It blew the back of the case out and everything.. It was the stock output shaft so he said he can't warranty it and I sorta understand. At least he's trying to help. I sent zippy the pictures of the damage and he was quite surprised.. If that tells you anything. Lol.
  7. The warranty just states exactly "warranty on parts and labor is one years or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Warranty work has to be performed in our shop & cannot exceed the original cost of repair." Says nothing about the output shaft lol.
  8. Mine did the same stuff when the 3/4 clutches went out both times.
  9. So the shop called today and told me that I broke my output shaft like I had thought originally.. When they built the thing they told me it had a year/12k mile warranty knowing the truck had a cammed 6.0 and 3200 stall and knowing it gets driven hard from time to time.. Well they won't cover it now. I'm not putting another 65e in it and the output shaft took part of the case with it so it can't be re used. He said the thing basically exploded and took a lot with it.. They want around 3k plus a converter to do an 80e swap.. So looks like ill be doing an 80e swap myself or having the guy that did zachs swap do mine! Lol. Thanks for the help guys. Ill keep y'all posted as stuff happens. Probably wont happen fast money is tight...
  10. So last night I was driving away from a stop sign, completely normally, and the truck for some reason didnt shift into second when it usually does, instead it shifted unusually hard at about 5,000rpms. When it shifted the truck lunged forward and the parking brake light came on and the abs light popped up too. My dash says service brake system also. I haven't seen exactly what code it is either yet. Also when we were trying to roll it off the flatbed at the house it wouldn't roll backward in neutral, we pushed on it a few times and it made a loud popping noise from the driveshaft/rear end possibly then rolled a few feet then we did it once more to get it to where we could pull the truck out from under it. I've already talked to zippy and he thinks it could Be the planetary gear or possibly the rear end. Also my speedo is at 0 at all times and the truck won't move at all. The trans shop thinks its the rear end from what I told him on the phone. I won't be taking it in until Friday for them to check it out but if any of you guys have any clue it would really help me out. Thanks guys.
  11. I hated the stock wheels lol. This is the third set of wheels that have been on the truck lol. I'm finally happy with it.
  12. That's what I'm leaning towards.. Lol with that tire and everything and always in the city I think ill be fine. I've still got to think some more though lol. I just don't think 4.10 would be worth it enough
  13. 1.95 was my best 60ft with traction.. Dead hooked full out launched as hard as I possibly could lol that's with 3.73.. At 70 I'm 1900-2000 rpms with the converter locked. Around 40-50 the converter unlocks all the time and it just needs more gear. I still have some good low end torque but with my converter anything below 3200 is basically useless anyways unless I'm cruising. I can make my truck hook on certain surfaces and it hooks like a dream at the track I just need that 60ft down and the gears just seem waaaayy too long to me lol.
  14. Thanks! It looks a LOT different than before.. I thought about dropping it but I had to be different so I did this lol. Glad somebody likes it other than me!
  15. It's a daily driver but I do about 90% city driving. My buddy has an 82 c10 with a 5.3/4l60e swap with 4.10s and loves it and he runs a 28 inch tire. Mine is a whole 4 inches taller tire so I'm thinking a 4.56 might not be too bad for mine plus I have a heavy wheel. It's also just a heavy truck in general lol. Ill talk to a few people before I make a decision I guess.
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