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  1. my buddy has an 03 SS with over 135,xxx miles. hes gonna get a new car soon but then we had this idea of putting the ZR1's LS9 engine into his SS. Do you think this could work? either that or put in an LS2 and then supercharge it...the dude has 20000 to spend. help us out
  2. thank you noticed ur mods and clicked on the link. did that performabuilt tranny make a big difference in performance? is it worth the 2g's?
  3. this is a stupid question but i see all over this forum "pm". what the heck is that and how do you do it cause i might want to buy some guys headers but idk what the hell a pm is
  4. yeah i checked ebay they have like corsa magnaflow and gibson but thats it. thanks for the advice ill check those sites and sick truck by the way just checked both sites and when i go to select submodel to find SS it doesnt have it. I guess ill go with corsa or something it sounds pretty good
  5. Alright so I have an 04 silverado ss and these things kick ass. I found a video online of a few exhausts and I loved the corsa and magnaflow but I came across one video and the kid had a banks exhaust system on it and it sounded absolutely sick. it was a deep throaty sound only problem is I cant find it anywhere. Does anybody know where I could order the banks exhaust for my 04 SS? i absolutely love that exhaust and any help would be great! thanks guys
  6. Thanks a lot for your help, I went on the blackbear website they have a tune day sometime early june in NJ and im gonna try and make the trip out there. Thanks for the advice. And side note I changed the color to victory red
  7. alright thanks guys. where would i get the custom tune? do i have to find a blackbear place or just any good mechanic?( I live in CT)
  8. hey guys im new to silveradoss.com. im 17 and just picked up an 04 ss with 22xxx miles on it and I love it. im looking to do some minor mods to the truck nothing serious not looking to go into the headers or anything like that. looking to get as much more power and torque out of my truck as possible with a new exhaust, air box and chip. I was wondering what is the loudest exhaust and exhaust with most hp gain? what is the best air box? i know k&n is always reliable but i want one with most power gain. and lastly for a chip? im deciding between the diablosport predator, the hypertech max energy, superchip cortex or flashpaq. so i know this is a lot but any and all of your time is greatly appreciated. i want the most gain, theres so much out there im looking for someones personal opion on those three items. thanks a lot guys http://www.stylintru...-_scanners.aspx -website with the chips im looking at
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